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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Post-Disney Depression

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I has it. Pictures are here— it was so. Magical.


Proof of nerditude

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Megan’s Dewey Decimal Section:

484 [Unassigned]

Megan = 357149014489475 = 357+149+014+489+475 = 1484

400 Language

Linguistics and language books.

What it says about you:
You value communication, even with people who are different from you. You like trying new things don’t mind being exposed to unfamiliar territory. You get bored with routines that never change.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

What’s your Dewey number?

P.S. Yes, this is what happens when I tire of taxonomy work at my internship.
P.P.S. I have informally quit NaBloPoMo. But I am trying to post more!

Lunch of champions

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On a normal day at the internship, I am ravenous for lunch by about 10:45. However, today– and of course today is the day that I come prepared with delicious leftover minestrone, lovingly prepared for me by mom– I was either so full of my apple-and-sharp-white-cheddar breakfast, or so anxious about this case study I have to write that I didn’t get hungry until about 3. And when that happened, did I go heat up the soup? Nope. I took my $2 up to the cafeteria and bought a Diet Coke and peanut M&M’s. Lunch fail.

What I think of Prop 8 passing

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My sheer elation about Obama (yes, I am still glued to news programs so that they will continually reassure me that it actually did happen) is tempered by the seething rage I feel about California passing Prop 8 last Tuesday. Granted, there was a lot of money spent on both sides (and I don’t know enough to form an opinion of the funders), and the margin was the smallest it’s ever been in a vote on this issue…but I feel so let down by my reliably blue state. I know that I’m in a blue bubble here in the Bay Area, and have been raised with values of acceptance and love for everyone that others simply weren’t…it is truly unfathomable to me, that anyone thinks that we can, in the 21st century, ban any two consenting adults from marriage. Inspired by Renee and The Modern Matriarch, I had to take this picture:

(Yes, I am aware that this makes my hand look beefy.) I am so fortunate that no one will question my impending marriage, that no one is scared that their kids will learn about me in school. (God forbid! Oh, and parents? Someday your kids will learn about homosexuality, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.) I don’t believe the struggle for equal marriage is over, and I will fight until it is, and everyone’s love is considered legal and legitimate.

Friday fill-ins are baaaack

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Now I only have to put actual effort into entertaining y’all six times a week. I’m tearing myself away from a dvr-ed NBC Nightly News to present to you…Friday Fill-ins! Get in on the action!

1. My blueprint for success includes finishing library school in a reasonable amount of time and finding a job that is both fulfilling and better-paying than my last full-time job. (I’d like to think that I have more earning power post-master’s degree, right?) Besides that, I am excited for my now-less-than-a-year-away wedding and all that will follow it!
2. A mini Crunch bar was the last candy I ate. Damn you, Halloween!
3. The best facial moisturizer I’ve ever used is this Pond’s one that I found on a recent Rite-Aid jaunt. The packaging is mostly in Spanish, which is fine for my bilingual self, and a little internets-research told me that there is some awesome “science” behind this overwhelmingly baby-powder-smelling lotion! (Not my favorite frangrance, btw, but I’m willing to deal.
4. Cooking can be good therapy.
5. I’d like to tell you about all the competing color schemes that I have floating around in my head for the wedding. But I won’t, because even I am bored by wedding stuff, most of the time.
6. My willingness (nay, compulsion!) to be truthful with everyone (sometimes much to my detriment) is my strongest characteristic.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching this weeks episodes of The Office, 30 Rock, and Grey’s, tomorrow my plans include a presentation/class meeting in the morning, work in the afternoon, and a wine/cheese party in the evening, and Sunday, I want to visit another potential wedding place with my mom. So begins the process…


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Yep, I managed less than a week of consisted NaBloPoMo. However, I am planning a double-post Friday to make up for it! Seeing as there is no governing body for this “everyone write, every day!” month, I am not afraid of much censure, so let’s just move on. I’m sure all eleven of my readers will forgive (right?).

Today is an unofficial day off, as there is no work-work to be done, but a ton of school and a bit of wedding stuff to do. That means I got to sleep in (until 8! Nice!), and watch multiple episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8…before beginning my prep for a presentation I have to give tomorrow on blogs. Yes, blogs. Specifically, blogs about/by libraries/librarians, which will be a scintillating 7 minutes in Elluminate. Yay, Powerpoint (picture the Michael Scott emphatic pointing here)! Later, my mom and I will check out the house that is a potential wedding venue– it’s in Morgan Hill, and is the home of my former boss’s mom and stepdad. GP and I have been there before, but I have to run it by the benefactors before we finally have a venue decision made (this is the other current front runner– any feedback?).

The most wonderful time…

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What with the election over (bittersweet, really, because Prop 8 looks like it’s going to pass in CA, and that just makes me sick to my stomach), it is officially time to start looking forward to the Holidays. Yes, Halloween is over, and judging from the displays just about everywhere, we’ll be skipping Thanksgiving this year and heading straight for holly and tinsel. No? Fine, then. We’ll talk about Thanksgiving, instead.

I love Thanksgiving. Because I am a ridiculous sap, and definitely do not take time to think about incorporating gratitude into my everyday life (in between episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8), I an thankful for Thanksgiving. Really, it’s like Valentine’s Day, but with less chocolate and more gravy. Probably slightly less sex, but that’s really up to you. I have been alternating Thanksgivings between my parents since they split up (I think that was…10 years ago?), and luckily that will likely continue post-marriage because GP’s parents live in New York, which is just far too far to travel for a holiday based on eating (presents, I will travel for). This year we will be celebrating with my dad’s side, at my aunt’s house in Modesto. Modesto is a slightly terrifying town in the Central Valley, which is about as red as California gets– very, very socially conservative and whatnot, and they have the distinction of being the former stomping grounds of both Gary Condit and Scott Peterson. Woo, Modesto. My aunt’s cooking, however, makes up for all that– she’s been doing Thanksgiving so long that she’s basically a pro, which means turkey and ham, as well as all the obligatory sides, but dessert is really the star. (When is it not?) Pie as far as the eye can see, cookies, and some pineapple/Jell-o/whipped cream concoction that I can never re-create. I’m salivating just thinking about it…

Two questions, y’all:
1) What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dinner food?
2) What are you thankful for?

P.S. Bonus! Because my boss at the library internship is Canadian, we got to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving there a few weeks ago. There were bacon-wrapped green beans, and I almost melted with pleasure.