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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Accidental hiatus

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Eff you, hotel magnet. Mommies and childless married ladies go on business trips, too.

Sorry, folks! I know, I know…I answer eleven random questions and then big fat disappear for over a month. I have my reasons, the largest of which was a two-week work trip to South Carolina (maybe a little recap is in order? I did manage to have some recreational time while I was there, in between asking 12-year-olds questions about sex) and a minor one being that GP and I made our annual attempt to watch many/most of the Academy Award-nominated films (via illegal download, shh). I’m happy to report that we’ve watched eight of nine Best Picture nominees– all except for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which neither of us believes has a snowball’s chance of winning anything, given critical response. This year’s field seems much weaker than last year’s, and I have a hunch that Hollywood (who, more than anything, love Hollywood) will go for The Artist, which was completely charming. Hello, tap-dancing! So fun.

In slightly-less-exciting news, I have added this calendar to my cube and this recipe (with an andouille substitute) to my repertoire. Basically, I’m winning life.

Anyone at an Oscars party tonight? We’re off to my parents’ house for dinner and gown-judgement.