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Friday Five

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Get ready! It’s a parenthetical sort of day.

1. My sleep over the last couple months has been pretty meager, to say the least. I’m not exactly falling asleep at my desk, but I have been tucking myself into bed around 8:00 or so (yup, I am a party animal). This early bedtime has been pretty great, with a couple exceptions: we started our childbirth prep classes on Monday, and they run until 9:30 (and one of the “supplies” for the class is a pillow! So cruel); a couple Saturdays ago, my middle-of-the-night wakeup was around 2:00 (a little earlier than usual), so I got to peruse all the pictures on Facebook and Instagram of my friends’ Halloween festivities (again, party animal). I suppose this is my body’s way of preparing me to become No Sleep Jones come December, but damn…it’s also making me feel pretty uncool. (Is step one of parenthood admitting that I probably wasn’t very cool in the first place?)

2. This weekend will consist of our usual College Football Saturday (in which we DVR every single game and fast-forward through/watch the interesting bits of whatever we please), interrupted briefly by a breastfeeding class. This contrast strikes me as sort of hilarious, but that’s what you get with a baby that’s going to be born on the cusp of bowl season. (Hopefully we’ve conditioned her in utero not to be alarmed when we start shouting at the television. If not, well…sorry, baby.)

3. I’ve been reviewing my 30 Before 30 list – with about a month to go, there are some pretty clear “not gonna happen” items…and I’m ok with that. Some of the items will be easily rolled over into whatever Adult To-Do List comes after turning 30– horseback riding, summiting Mt. Tallac, taking a photo a day for a year– and some I’m willing to just let go. This is probably a post unto itself, but let me say for now that I originally intended for my 30 Before 30 to be more aspirational than a straight “must-do” list.

4. The number of televisions in our house is (finally?) equal to the number of adults. No tv in the nursery means I’ll have to have something to keep me entertained during what I understand will likely be months of erratic sleep, so we’re in the market for a tablet. Any suggestions? We’re not an Apple family, and spending the amount of money an iPad would require seems fairly ridiculous, so tell me what you know about the Samsung Galaxy, the Kindle Fire, and their ilk.

5. Being in “countdown” mode isn’t exactly a new thing to me (I like to have a finish line in sight, whether it’s a vacation or other event), but it seems pretty momentous to have only four weeks left before I go on maternity leave, and only six weeks (SIX WEEKS WHAT) before my due date. I still can’t really wrap my head around the fact that they’re just going to LET us leave the hospital with a baby that we CREATED (magic, got it)…but I guess that’s what happens, isn’t it?

What are you up to this weekend?


…and we don’t care who knows

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I had probably snorted when my mom, during my college search, suggested I might enjoy going to a school with a solid sports program– why on earth would I care about going to a football game? I was only going to talk about Serious Things with Serious People when I was at school, with the occasional break for a drinking binge. I suppose you could say it started around the beginning of my freshman year, though technically I only went to one football game during that first season. Springtime brought the first season in which I was truly conscious that college basketball was A Thing– the jock I was dating was, of course, into basketball, and I was bound to pick up at least a thing or two during the endless hours of tournament play that I ended up watching.

As the years progressed, though, it wasn’t just proximity to whatever dude I was seeing that made me a college sports fan. I had grown up really only caring about baseball, and the revelation that there were other sports worth my time was a big one. A lot of it had to do with the fact that the players were, in some small way, associated with me: they went to the same classes, ate in the same dining halls, and visited the same establishment for an 11:30 cookie ice cream sandwich fix. The collective identity of attending the same university was an officially big deal, and I found myself screaming along with the crowd as the Bruins improbably marched down the field to score a touchdown against USC (our sworn rival and, um, repeat national champion during my college years), and holding my breath as I watched our basketball team improve under a new coach (suck it, Steve Lavin).

Yes, this poster was stolen from a bar. Yes, that chair in front of me is broken. No, I didn't do either of these things.

In what I can only describe as an instance of impeccable timing, I happened to be a senior the year my team made it all the way to the national championship. I watched them beat Gonzaga, reducing Adam Morrison and his mustache to tears (“You cry, Adam Morrison!” I shouted gleefully to my mom on the phone as I listened to the Westwood apartments erupt in joyful shouts), and I knew that LSU and Big Baby were no match for the 2006 Bruins…and then, Florida. I don’t need to tell you what happened, do I? Google it. It was bad. There was crying. Because, at the end of the day, I may be a college basketball fan, but I’m still a girl.

To lift your spirits after a crushing lost, or just as a fun “crack your shit up” moment, watch this.

We like sports

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Really, this is just a place-holder for the post I’m mentally composing about how I love college basketball so very much. Seriously. But that’s for another day!

Today, let’s talk about how much I enjoy hockey. Now, I didn’t grow up a hockey fan– living in a non-freezing winter climate zone and being a “stay inside and read” sort of kid ensured that– but I’ve come to enjoy it more and more in the last five or so years. We have a local hockey team, of course, so that helps; being able to go to games regularly makes it easier for me to nurse my crushes on various players (don’t judge me) and learn more about the game. This year, we have a quarter-season pass, which includes tickets for ten games, and have probably bought tickets for an additional five or so games…and full-season tickets are planned for next season. We’re pretty lucky to live about five minutes’ drive from the HP Pavilion, which makes impromptu hockey nights out possible– we went to a game with my parents last weekend for free, yo!

Oh, and one of the best things about going to hockey games, especially considering that there is a small bounty of awesome local shops nearby?

My mom refers to this as my "H-E-double-hockey-sticks" shirt. It is the highlight of my game-night wardrobe.

Are you a hockey fan? Do you have a local sports team that you get to see often?

A House Divided

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One thing we DO agree on? Minor league baseball is pretty great.

While there is general agreement in the household during the NHL (Sharks!), NFL (he likes the Giants, I have little to no preference, and am happy to support Little Brother Eli), and NBA (neither of us could care less) seasons, I cannot say that this is the case throughout the entire sporting year. Take, for instance, most college sports. This is where our undergrad backgrounds shine through (because, let’s face it, neither of us can bring ourselves to support our mediocre-at-best grad school alma mater): GP is an ACC guy, and I am a Pac-10 (-11? What are we supposed to call it now?) girl. With both of us coming from Division 1 schools, there is bound to be some discord. We have, however, reached a tentative peace; it’s unlikely that our respective teams face each other in the regular season, and their particular strengths in recent seasons have made it pretty rare that they see each other in the post-season (though it has happened, and was a tense  time). Let’s see how it will shake out when we have kids, though, because I am of the opinion that a baby Bruin is way cuter than an infant Yellow Jacket— what do you think?

More recently, there has arisen the issue of the MLB. Now, being a child (and now amateur adult) of the Bay Area (and all-around reasonable human being), I’m a Giants fan. I can appreciate the A’s, but the Coliseum is an awful ballpark, and I just can’t get behind the AL. And GP? Well, I suppose I could settle for being grateful that, being from New York, he’s not a Yankees fan. Instead, he has been a Braves fan since he was a kid– an affection that I can only imagine was strengthened by seven years in Atlanta. As this season has gone on, it seems more and more possible that our teams will be competing, directly or indirectly, for a spot in the post-season. This weekend is their last series of the season, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to be a little tense (the Bravos came out ahead last night, but the Gigantes have a pretty strong hold over the Wild Card— and I think we strengthen our bond through shared animosity toward the PhilliesGP).

This, however? Just uncalled for. Tim Lincecum can wear his hair however he likes, as long as he keeps bringing me that just-about-3 ERA. Oh, Timmy.