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Monthly Archives: November 2011

15 Small Things and 7 Big Things for Which I Am Thankful

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It would seem that late fall is List Season for me… (I say this with no fewer than three lists in the works. Yikes.)

Small Things I Am Thankful For (in no particular order)

  • Free shipping
  • That I live within walking distance of a family-owned grocery store, a rose-filled public garden, and a library
  • Romantic comedies
  • Amazon Prime Instant, Netflix streaming, and Pandora
  • Waffles on Saturday morning
  • The internet
  • Slippers in the winter, flip flops in the summer
  • The Sharks, the (baseball) Giants, and the (UCLA) Bruins
  • Wine
  • Rosebud salve
  • My Kindle
  • Fresh produce from my backyard
  • Tote bags
  • Board games
  • My food processor, stand mixer, and toaster oven

Big Things That I Am Thankful For (again, no particular order)

  • A family that I not only love, but also genuinely enjoy and get to hang out with regularly
  • Friends who put as much time and energy into our relationships as I do
  • My husband, who is a partner in the truest sense of the word
  • My education, which is ongoing
  • My job, which is valuable and valued
  • My body, which is miraculously able and healthy despite the steady stream of caffeine and couch-sitting
  • That circumstances have allowed me to pursue and protect numbers 4-6
  • The reassuringly-large world, and my reassuringly-small-but-important place in it