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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Too early?

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Even though the weather has been sort of lame the last couple days, there have been promises of a warmer-than-usual start to May. Also, I picked up some free minor league baseball tickets yesterday at Trader Joe’s. What do these things have in common? Welllll…they’re among the reasons I’m chomping at the bit (gross expression, I know) for this semester to be over, and for summer to hurry up and get here, already. Every summer, I like to make a list of Things I Must Do, For I Can Only Do Them During the Summer– like enjoying warm weather (yes, I am extra-picky because it’s not like our weather is ever that bad) and the occasional baseball game. Other than these two, I’m looking forward to a trip up to Sonoma with the in-laws in August, and a kayak outing in Monterey for which a Groupon has been purchased but not yet booked.

What are you looking forward to doing during the summer? (Keep in mind that I am incredibly jealous if your weather is nicer than today’s cloudy bluster. Sigh.)