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The spelling of the above has always bothered me– too…phonetic, too literal, if that’s possible for spelling. But I suppose the alternative, “catsup,” is even more shudder-inducing, so here we are. Where were we? Oh, I was being cute and punny because today is “Monday” of a four-day work week. Say what you will about shortened weeks, but I am realizing that I loathe the ones that eliminate Mondays rather than Fridays. For the entire four days, one feels as though one is catching up, trying to get done what “should have” been done on Monday, rather than, say, catching up on Project Runway, having a tea party, and watching a friend try on wedding dresses. And yet, as I feel overwhelmed by work, here I sit…blogging at work.

Yesterday really was lovely, as I got to get in some more PR viewing (thanks, DirecTV, for finally recording the ones I need. You’re almost back to “neutral” with me, but don’t test me or I will have to cut you), and go here and here with the aforementioned friend, and get home in time to make a fairly successful chicken piccata for dinner. To celebrate, I will be eating cheese and crackers for dinner tonight.

Conversely, I suppose that there are only three days left in the work week…