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I am watching the final episode of “The Daily Show” before the election, and really? Y’all, I’m more excited about it than I was about watching the NBC Nightly News (ok, I have repeatedly asked GP if we can name our future son Brian Williams Ourlastname, that’s how obsessed I am). And I don’t know what it is– school, two jobs, what have you, but this election is bringing back the TMJ that I so enjoyed in high school/college. Greeeeat. I am hoping tomorrow night that the overriding emotion in The Apartment will be joy, followed by relief, but still worried about the presidential race (what if all the polls are wrong?), but also Props 4 and 8. Time will tell, but mostly I am hoping that a) our country will changed for the better because of this election, and b) that my damn jaw will stop with the tension, popping, and clicking.

Even if it’s for a sticker and free coffee, donuts, and/or ice cream, I hope everyone gets out and votes tomorrow! I am shameless about my leanings (truly, because I feel no shame), but whatever yours happen to be, get out there and express yourself. And if you’re still undecided (which I am beginning to believe is like being bisexual– I just don’t buy it), read this. It’s graphically pleasing and informative!

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