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Monthly Archives: April 2009

What I am doing today

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Sending out about 80 of these puppies…

I guess this means we have to get married now, right?


End-of-semester grace

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All right, it’s not technically the end of the semester just yet, but I have definitely hit The Wall. You know, where an entire semester seems interminable, and you’re exceptionally grateful that the school you attended for undergrad was on the ten-week quarter system? Yeah, that Wall. I have hit it, and I still have about 30 pages worth of papers to write. But…I was an English major, and am fluent in b.s. Time to power through!

As the semester winds down and spring is just beginning (complete with entirely inappropriate 90-degree weather), I’m finding it easier and easier to find those bits of Grace in Small Things. Take, for example…
This is Fluffy. He lives on our bed, and is almost as old as I am. I think GP’s mom was kidding when she asked child-GP if he was going to take Fluffy to college and then make his wife sleep with Fluffy, too…however, even as a kid, GP was not joking around when he said “yes.” He may be annoyed at me for putting Fluffy on the internets, but I think it is cute and awesome that at least one dog gets to sleep in our bed. (For those of you keeping score at home, Fluffy is currently our only dog. Sigh.) He is a good companion, especially when certain fiances are on multi-day business trips.

I like writing thank-you notes much more than I like writing papers for school, perhaps because they rarely fall into the “10+ pages” category. Short and sweet, with the bonus of getting to use the rest of my “stock” thank-you cards before we break into the supply of wedding-specific thank-yous (which, you guys, match our save-the-dates…and are completely awesome). Few things are as satisfying as slipping a couple of these into the mailbox.

Nothing says spring like some pretty tulips, unless said pretty tulips are brought back from the store by a certain fiance after a lengthy-ish business trip (along with– you have to squint to make it out– a case of Diet Mountain Dew Code Red, because the man consumes soda as if his life depended on it). You know…I think I’ll keep him. As long as he keeps up this bringing-me-flowers-as-a-Saturday-morning-surprise thing… (Sorry if you just threw up in your mouth a little– we’re getting married, I have to do things like that sometimes.)

Bonus grace: downloaded seasons of How I Met Your Mother! Alyson Hannigan’s occasional over-acting aside, I am completely smitten. I know most of you probably already watch this, but if you don’t…you should! Though it is weird to watch a show with a laugh track after years of Lost,HBO series, and cooking shows being my regular television diet.