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What I think of Prop 8 passing

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My sheer elation about Obama (yes, I am still glued to news programs so that they will continually reassure me that it actually did happen) is tempered by the seething rage I feel about California passing Prop 8 last Tuesday. Granted, there was a lot of money spent on both sides (and I don’t know enough to form an opinion of the funders), and the margin was the smallest it’s ever been in a vote on this issue…but I feel so let down by my reliably blue state. I know that I’m in a blue bubble here in the Bay Area, and have been raised with values of acceptance and love for everyone that others simply weren’t…it is truly unfathomable to me, that anyone thinks that we can, in the 21st century, ban any two consenting adults from marriage. Inspired by Renee and The Modern Matriarch, I had to take this picture:

(Yes, I am aware that this makes my hand look beefy.) I am so fortunate that no one will question my impending marriage, that no one is scared that their kids will learn about me in school. (God forbid! Oh, and parents? Someday your kids will learn about homosexuality, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.) I don’t believe the struggle for equal marriage is over, and I will fight until it is, and everyone’s love is considered legal and legitimate.


In short…

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I am so, so proud of America. It was all worth it– all the worrying, all the hoping, all the rollercoaster that the last 18 months have been worth it. This night is one that I will be proud to have been part of the making of, and I that I am already looking forward to telling my children about (don’t worry, though, it’ll be awhile before there are any of those). The past eight years, the abomination that the Bush administration has been…I feel like they have pushed us in this direction. One that is so many of the ideals that we hold closely to our American identity, come to fruition. I’m teary and even more full of hope than I’ve been in a long time (I know, “change and hope”…but get used to it).

What are you looking forward to in the next four years?

P.S. I am still edgy about some of the California propositions…we’ll see.


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I am watching the final episode of “The Daily Show” before the election, and really? Y’all, I’m more excited about it than I was about watching the NBC Nightly News (ok, I have repeatedly asked GP if we can name our future son Brian Williams Ourlastname, that’s how obsessed I am). And I don’t know what it is– school, two jobs, what have you, but this election is bringing back the TMJ that I so enjoyed in high school/college. Greeeeat. I am hoping tomorrow night that the overriding emotion in The Apartment will be joy, followed by relief, but still worried about the presidential race (what if all the polls are wrong?), but also Props 4 and 8. Time will tell, but mostly I am hoping that a) our country will changed for the better because of this election, and b) that my damn jaw will stop with the tension, popping, and clicking.

Even if it’s for a sticker and free coffee, donuts, and/or ice cream, I hope everyone gets out and votes tomorrow! I am shameless about my leanings (truly, because I feel no shame), but whatever yours happen to be, get out there and express yourself. And if you’re still undecided (which I am beginning to believe is like being bisexual– I just don’t buy it), read this. It’s graphically pleasing and informative!

The winding-down of Barack-tober

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Yeah, that’s right…I am not even going to mess around with the Rock-tober promises, because this month has been too full of The Busy to apply any such term to it. However, there were some highlights, including:

-a haircut, with deep conditioner treatment that was kicked into the deal and totally blew my mind. Sure, I am annoyed with my sort-of side-bangs now, but at the time? I was so excited about my hair.

-attending the last wedding of 2008, and possibly the last one before my own, which is a scary thought. No, we haven’t picked a date (because it turns out I fail at wedding planning so far– no decisions have been made), but we have heard nothing and gotten nary a Save the Date, so I’m thinking it might be a year-long wedding drought.

-rocking the hell out of most of my Library School assignments. Turns out I have found my calling, even though I still think distance learning is pretty isolating.
-carving the best jack-o-lantern ever. Seriously, friends, all I need now is a couple others that say “No on 8” and “No on 4” (because I loooove gays and hate babies! No wait, only one of those is true), and I will be an official commie. Is it election time yet?

Now, for the lowlights:

-being near tears during a timed online assignment because my professor had given such poor directions that I was almost entirely unprepared for the damn thing. I have survived, but we will see what the grading gods think of my efforts.

-finding out that my 18-year-old stepsister had gotten married in mid-July. Oh, and I found this out…in mid-August. From my mom and stepdad…who had found out only a few days previous. If I felt that this marriage was in any way based on some sort of adult, mature, well-reasoned decision, I might be a bit more supportive. As it is now…well, it hurts to think that one’s sibling wouldn’t deign to notify her family of her marriage.

-working two jobs sucks. I even did the math, see? Two part-time jobs + graduate school < one full-time job

Am I being too ambitious when I am even considering doing NaBloPoMo?

Dear Sarah Palin, Part 2

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Dear Sarah Palin,

It’s me, again. I can’t look away from all the coverage from you, I just can’t. It’s like a car accident, and I can’t believe America would be so stupid as to want you for vice-president. Please America, you’ve fucked up before, but please don’t disappoint me by being so short-sighted and voting on personality rather than issues as to get this woman who makes me ashamed to be female into any part of the White House. As I watch the ABC News interview with you, I have the following thoughts:

1) Hey, you can see Russia “from land!” in Alaska, and that gives you foreign policy experience?! Well, guess what, I can see the moon from my balcony. I guess that makes me an astronaut.

2) Do not fucking compare yourself to Abraham Lincoln. I know Abraham Lincoln, ma’am, and you are no Abraham Lincoln.

3) I think it is a noble thing, that your son is going off to fight a war (that I, personally, believe is completely misguided) in Iraq. Really, I admire him for that. You know why that is? Because I, too, am an American. I am proud of my country, and appreciate that there are those who are willing to do what I never could to protect us. Even if I never could. So don’t you, for a goddamn second, pretend that I don’t love my country. Because I do, and I will cut you.


Quick note on the RNC

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Dear Sarah Palin,

I know that if I started writing all the things about you that make me want to scream continuously until election day, when Barack Obama will become our president, it would take too long. But as I sit here, I have to say just this: do you really have nothing else to talk about besides your fucking family? I thought they were off-limits. No, only when it’s not convenient for you? Fair enough. I realize there are so many other reasons to dislike you, I’ll let it go that you are using the language of choice to describe what your daughter is going through– how convenient that she has the luxury of choosing, no?

How about, oh, I don’t know…anything that might convince me that you are in any way qualified to be a heartbeat away from leading my country? Pure insults directed toward your opponent don’t count. Go!


P.S. Stop lying about the Bridge to Nowhere! We have the internets now, you know.