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Should you choose to accept it

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You may have surmised from the Wordless Wednesday (preview), or you may not have, but either way…get excited. (I know RA and I already are!) Mission: Put Together is back for May! What does this mean, you ask?

Mission: Put Together is a Flickr pool started by RA and OPH way back in October 2008, after multiple discussions of what it means to be “put together.”

It is, among other things:

  • a place to share and get ideas about new looks that work for you
  • a way to motivate yourself out of that black cardigan and into a colorful accessory a couple times a week (Though if you have an awesome tip on black cardigan styling, please tell me! For real.)
  • a place to gather feedback (“Does this skirt work for me?”) and guidance from other helpful members (you know, if you’re like me and are at times incapable of making decisions)

It is most certainly not:

  • a place to criticize others, be it about clothing choice, brand, or body shape/size/type
  • something to stress about, or make you feel like you need to be polished at every second (psst, I’m typing this in sweatpants at my dining room table)
  • a motivator to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe (In fact, I’m trying to institute a “no buying clothing or accessories” policy for May. We’ll see how that goes.)

Want to take part? Yay! Here’s what you’ll want to do:

  1. Join the Flickr group if you haven’t already
  2. Submit your PT photos
  3. Comment away on everyone’s submissions
  4. Get inspired
  5. Have fun!
  6. Optional: grab the M:PT badge (above) and pop it into your blog, take part in the weekly and weekend challenges, tweet about M:PT using the hashtag #MPT, tell every single one of your friends (or just a handful, whatever) to join in the fun

This time around, we’ll be posing optional weekly and weekend challenges. The week-long challenges are based on the concepts by from Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear (basically the patron saints, along with Tim Gunn, of M:PT):

  • Week of May 1: Color
  • Week of May 8: Pattern
  • Week of May 15: Texture
  • Week of May 22: Shine
  • Week of May 29: Putting it all together

For the weekends:

  • May 7-8: Mother’s Day
    Is there something in your closet that reminds you of Mom? Something she gave you? A fashion tip she lived by? Bonus points for submitting a PT photo of Mom to the pool!
  • May 14-15: Face Your Fears
    What scares you about fashion? Maybe it’s mixing patterns, unconventional color combinations, big accessories, or wearing a skirt with winter-white legs? Whatever it is, let’s confront our fears together!
  • May 21-22: Closet Orphan
    What item is languishing in your closet but deserves to see the light of day? Resurrect that piece this weekend!
  • May 28-29: Dress It Down
    Especially if you’re the sort whose last dress was a puffy Easter confection when you were six years old, we’re challenging you to wear a dress this weekend! Dresses aren’t just for formal occasions or family obligations, and they are whole outfits unto themselves. How do you make dresses work for you? (For the brave men participating in M:PT, we suggest a substitute of a snappy blazer and vintage t-shirt. Also, this might be a convenient excuse to go on a date!)

Finally– I know this seems like a ton of information, but I promise that M:PT is really fun (if you were a TPTP participant, you know this– so go ahead and join us this month!), and an interesting way to see your own dressing and accessorizing habits (hello, remember all that red I didn’t even realize I wore?). I am particularly of the mind that the best way to finish off an outfit is confidence (a la one of my favorite “fashion” blogs, Already Pretty), so go ahead and show it off! I’ll be doing my best to post daily (and with a trip to Yosemite in a couple weeks, that should be…interesting), and can’t wait to see what everyone has to share. So grab a button and your brights, and get ready for an exciting month!


Nearly Wordless Wednesday: I wear a TON of red

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I’m planning on co-resurrecting an old favorite that will require near-daily posting, and this montage of me wearing my “comfort color” is your first hint…

A few words on Wednesday

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(See what I did there?)

This conversation took place roughly ten minutes ago, as GP and I did some work (like, actual work-work, rather than housework) in separate rooms of the house:

Me: Did you see the NYT article about the flash wine sales? [GP is a Wines ‘Til Sold Out enthusiast.]
He: I just opened it from my Reader. Did you see the NPR thing about the grammar books?
Me: …it’s open in a tab.

We know each other disgustingly well. Also, this particular Portlandia sketch hit pretty close to home.