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Monthly Archives: March 2009

This counts as the weekend, right?

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1. Why do we have to work and go to school during March Madness? It seems that we would all be happier if we were allowed to just sit on the couch in our pajamas, switching between games and episodes of Unwrapped on the DVR. What, just me?

2. Constantly having a hair elastic around my wrist and taking off my ring when I wash my hands are now habits. The elastic thing is immensely helpful when I get impatient with my hair (gah, there is so much of it!), but I am probably going to be sorry about the ring habit. Every time I slip it into my pocket for handwashing time, I can just envision dropping it on the floor of whatever gross public restroom I’m in. But…is that better or worse than having it slip off my finger and go down the drain?

3. I have spring break next week, but it means very little to me– I still have to go to work and my internship, so really I’m just getting a few free hours. Definitely not as exciting as undergrad spring break.

4. I had never heard the phrase “If you have to eat a frog, don’t spend a lot of time looking at it. If you have to eat more than one, eat the big one first,” until it came up when I was teaching a Study Skills class last week and it seemed a perfectly apt metaphor for procrastination avoidance. This probably doesn’t mean that I am going to become someone who follows through on all the elaborate plans she makes, but at least I have that saying in my head.

5. I currently have five pairs of shoes hanging around the living room, the way I always do. Much to GP’s chagrin. What? I’m working on it!

6. How was I to know that baking two dozen of those Guinness cupcakes was a bit of overkill? I got so caught up in the awesomeness of baking (and decorating!) with alcohol that I just kept filling the cups.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a crazy food experiment in which I try to make spaghetti carbonara with no cheese (it might get a little hairy, I’m not going to lie), tomorrow my plans include visiting a couple of wineries with our friends Davemanda and meeting another set of friends’ new baby, and Sunday, I want to get some schoolwork done! Ambitious, I know, as there will be basketball on…and I am not so big on eating frogs, though I really enjoy the phrase.


What’s cookin’

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Sorry, I had to! I’ve been cooking/baking up a storm recently, despite the lack of wonderful, delicious cheese in my life, maybe even because of it. I don’t want to have to cave just because I was lazy about thinking through my food options, you know? So, recently, GP and I have enjoyed dinners including bourbon-glazed salmon, chicken and dumplings (prepared in the awesome kitchen that was in our Tahoe rental a couple weekends ago), and pulled pork. The slow cooker? Is completely wonderful, and the meat was falling right off the bone, begging to be shredded and devoured. GP has done a pretty good job of that, because he’s quite the team player. I’ve been busy with some baking, too– first, some Thin Mint cupcakes (yes, I even cut some of the cookies into little wedges), and then, to be extra-festive, some Guinness cupcakes with Bailey’s buttercream frosting (sans ganache filling, because I don’t want to give my poor coworkers the sugarbetes). Aren’t they adorable?

Been on any cooking adventures recently?


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Don’t worry, I won’t be too much of a rain cloud. I’m beginning to get used to stupid daylight savings and hate life a little less, however…

1) we have new downstairs neighbors. They love to watch some television, which is always really loud. Oh, and of course they don’t seem to have jobs. Shut up, I’m a grad student. Don’t judge me! I have two jobs.

2) I managed to get a mild sunburn when we were in Tahoe last weekend. Not a regular, terrible, skin-peeling burn, though– just a weird stripe that my SPF-ed makeup didn’t cover along the top of my forehead. Trust me, it is a fetching look.

3) I was mildly misnamed on the invitations for our Giant East Coast Engagement Party. It wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t the same name that GP’s most recent ex has, or if GP’s mom didn’t have a habit of running every. single. thing. past us. How did this escape notice? Oh well…this is not a real problem. And really, if this is the worst wedding-related “disaster,” we will have gotten off easily.

4) I have given up cheese for Lent. Which is weird, because cheese is sort of my religion, much more so than Jesus is. Mostly, I’m using it as a test of will, and experimenting with how long I can go without a cornerstone of my diet. I almost accidentally ate pizza for dinner last night– but, luckily, caught myself and had a sub-par frozen thing of sweet and sour chicken. Cheeseless life is hard, yo!

Silver lining, though! Or, really, just unrelated things that are good in my life…yeah, I’m jumping on the “Grace in Small Things” train…

1) a just-made bed, with clean sheets
2) being done with my final Dialog assignment in Online Searching. Relief!
3) poached eggs on toast with Tabasco
4) Earl Grey with milk
5) Uggs, in chocolate, purchased on sale