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Monthly Archives: July 2010

In which I am too broke to even window-shop online

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In light of some recent auto repairs that are demanding a big chunk o’ cash, I’m skipping Shop It to Me Tuesday. Instead, come on over to the food blog. We’re comfort-cooking!


Caturday: Now with more naps.

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So, most of what cats do is sleep. That is, when they’re not running around like jerks at top speed around three o’clock in the morning, batting around a clove of garlic (true story, people). Anyway, welcome to photos of my cat sleeping. It might be a cop-out, but rest assured that he’ll probably do something crazy in the next week that I can photograph and share. Ok? Ok.

Oh, hey. Don't mind me. Just taking up the whole ottoman here with my naps.

Note the rumpled fur from a recent episode of cat molestation.

He's smiling, right? Oh, what's that? Crazy cat lady? Got it.

Where in the World Wednesday: Melbourne

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It has only recently occurred to me that I could spread out some honeymoon pictures, rather than blowing my Australia wad on on a single WitWW. Yes, it’s been about nine months since the honeymoon, but let’s all just bask in my genius for a second. There, that’ll do.

First up, a picture of the Victoria State Library– one of several libraries we stopped into over the course of this trip, and certainly the most classically constructed. Isn’t it lovely? Look at all those people enjoying the spring sunshine!

While in Melbourne– which I had heard compared to San Francisco, a comparison that I can definitely understand, given the neighborhoodiness (yes, that’s a word now) and energy of the city– we took in a performance of Chicago at this theater just down the street from our hotel. No, I didn’t wear this outfit. But you get the idea. Lights! And lots of ’em! (The show was good, even if it was weird to see Aussie actors doing American accents.)

Our final day in Melbourne (and the final day of our honeymoon, so sad!) was spent on a wine tour in the Yarra Valley. Given baggage restrictions, we only ended up bringing home four or so bottles of wine, but had an awesome time touring and tasting– and finally tasting kangaroo! (Or at least GP did– I stuck with a butternut squash lasagna.)

Shop it to Me Tuesday: Mad Men

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In anticipation of the triumphant return of Mad Men (only five more days to go! I’m watching dvr-ed episodes and remembering how awesome this show is), I’ve decided to theme today’s SitM Tuesday to styles that might fit into the early-60s aesthetic of the show. (Oh, and for a more legitimate fashion review of the looks on the show, check out Project Rungay’s rundown of Mad style.)

First, let’s remember a lesson from Joan: “Men love scarves.” Who am I to argue?

Next in accessories, a fun, graphic black-and-white bangle. Maybe a little chunky for any of the MM ladies, though Jane Sterling might be able to pull it off, or maybe Trudy Campbell, who I like a lot more. (Hello, did you see that Charleston?)

Moving on to potential office-wear, what do we think of this cardigan?

To me, this seems like the quintessential Betty Draper dress, when she’s in her more princessy mode.

Finally, some swimwear— maybe something for Trudy when she’s hanging out with her parents in Rehoboth Beach? (This is probably the item in today’s post that I’m most fond of, mostly because of the halter and interesting embellishment.)

All right, friends– who else is looking forward to the return of Mad Men? Whose Mad Men style do you most want to borrow?

The Friend Funk…and a fix or two

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It happens, I would say, about four or five times a year– regularly enough for me to recognize when I’m in the middle of it, but apparently not enough to try and head it off, if there’s even a way to do that. Does this happen to you? I call it the Friend Funk: where you get into this rut of “I’m the friend that has to initiate things! Every time!” coupled with friends whose schedules are brimming with activities…that don’t include you. And of course, rather than being an adult about it or letting your rational mind control things, you spiral into this mood that peaks with you commenting to your husband that you have absolutely no friends and that no one else has ever had or will ever had this problem. Life, you know, can be simply intolerable.

No, just me? That’s cool. I sort of knew I was crazy already. At any rate (and to make this post much cheerier than if I had written it while I was actually in the middle of The Funk), it has passed. This is likely due in large part to a friend-tervention, if you will (and I hope you will, because I do love a portmanteau), that took place over a pizza and some gelato after another taxing week of the Journey Through Perpetual Internship. Such a simple fix for a made-up problem, and it’s always a bonus to have more gelato in my life.

Also bringing a smile to my face? Two hand-me-down bikes, which enabled me and GP to tool around the neighborhood this weekend, culminating in a ride down to a local farmers’ market and a much-needed adjustment to my seat (sits bones, anyone?). So far, I’m liking a little recreational biking much more than I’ve ever enjoyed running– it seems more functional, more mode-of-transport-y. We’ll see if it sticks. (Also, I look ravishing in a helmet. Doesn’t everyone?) Other reasons to grin this week: dinner with friends tomorrow (including the Funk-buster herself!), minor league baseball with parents on Wednesday, and a downtown concert this weekend.

Yeah, Monday is lame, but it’s behind us now. What’s getting you through this week, friends?

Caturday: The Swashbuckling Edition

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A sometimes adorable but mostly strange habit that Sydney has is climbing up onto the shoulders of the poor sucker that thought it would be a good idea to pick him up for a cuddle. Joke’s on me, I guess.

Yes, it’s a fairly poor-quality picture, but one can only do so well when there’s a cat perched on one’s shoulder.

Shop It to Me Tuesday: All the Pretty Dresses

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In a previous life, I had a job that required business casual attire. In that life, I often deferred to the power of The Dress, as it is a nearly instantly put-together look– and one that often causes people to ask you why you’re so dressed up. (Double win!) Now that I’m mostly jeans-and-t-shirt intern (though still put-together, I swear) with a pitiful bank account, I do most of my dress-ing up in my online window-shopping daydreams. Witness…

A gray pinstriped sheath from DKNY, on sale at ShopBop. It looks kind of blah on its own, but I think either brightly-colored or heavyish metallic accessories would make it pretty interesting.

I’ve never been able to find a shirt dress that I love (maybe something to do with body shape? Ample-hipped ladies, help me out here!), but I do like the idea of this sweet Tory Burch. I’m not convinced that I would go with a blue shoe, though (and I know that’s not the point, but still– style your looks, TB!).

You know what would look awesome on me, though? This zipper-detailed raspberry number from ABS. I love the color, appreciate the sleeves, and think that I could just about get away with not wearing a necklace with this one.

If this were a more wedding-heavy summer, and I wasn’t in the middle of The Great Arm Anxiety Period of 2010, this Calvin Klein would already be on its way to my doorstep. Despite not-so-great reviews on the Nordstrom site, I’d be willing to chance it based on the fun orange color alone.

Then again, maybe I’d go with this Laundry by Shelli Segal silk strapless. I love the print, and the fact that the little hints of lilac bring it juuuuust outside simple black-and-white territory.

Ladies of the internets– how do you feel about dresses? Are they the one-piece outfits that are the solution to the “Ohmygah, I have nothing to wear!” issue? Needlessly fussy? Anyone? Bueller?