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What with the election over (bittersweet, really, because Prop 8 looks like it’s going to pass in CA, and that just makes me sick to my stomach), it is officially time to start looking forward to the Holidays. Yes, Halloween is over, and judging from the displays just about everywhere, we’ll be skipping Thanksgiving this year and heading straight for holly and tinsel. No? Fine, then. We’ll talk about Thanksgiving, instead.

I love Thanksgiving. Because I am a ridiculous sap, and definitely do not take time to think about incorporating gratitude into my everyday life (in between episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8), I an thankful for Thanksgiving. Really, it’s like Valentine’s Day, but with less chocolate and more gravy. Probably slightly less sex, but that’s really up to you. I have been alternating Thanksgivings between my parents since they split up (I think that was…10 years ago?), and luckily that will likely continue post-marriage because GP’s parents live in New York, which is just far too far to travel for a holiday based on eating (presents, I will travel for). This year we will be celebrating with my dad’s side, at my aunt’s house in Modesto. Modesto is a slightly terrifying town in the Central Valley, which is about as red as California gets– very, very socially conservative and whatnot, and they have the distinction of being the former stomping grounds of both Gary Condit and Scott Peterson. Woo, Modesto. My aunt’s cooking, however, makes up for all that– she’s been doing Thanksgiving so long that she’s basically a pro, which means turkey and ham, as well as all the obligatory sides, but dessert is really the star. (When is it not?) Pie as far as the eye can see, cookies, and some pineapple/Jell-o/whipped cream concoction that I can never re-create. I’m salivating just thinking about it…

Two questions, y’all:
1) What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dinner food?
2) What are you thankful for?

P.S. Bonus! Because my boss at the library internship is Canadian, we got to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving there a few weeks ago. There were bacon-wrapped green beans, and I almost melted with pleasure.


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