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And then, all of a sudden…

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It seems like summer has just crept in around here– the sun finally showed its face after Memorial Day, school has been over for a couple weeks now, and Saturday saw the installation of a small (and yet still sort of eyesore-y) air conditioner for our living room which had become shockingly warm for a day in early June.

This weekend was one like many I hope we’ll have this summer: kicking off with a Friday evening wine release event, waking up before the heat set in to get some gardening done, lingering over coffee and the current library book, back-to-back baseball games on tv, and a stroll down to our friendly neighborhood Greek festival.

Sure, Monday rolls around and I am again confronted by the fact that I have too much to do at work and not enough time to do it, and the “I have to find a real, full-time job now” panic continues (I don’t graduate until December, but I like to think I’m getting a jump on things), but the sense that another weekend is always fewer than five days away is enough to get me through. Well, that and booze.

What did you get up to last weekend, lovelies?


O HAI, oh-ten…

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In the post-Christmas return from New York (where we spent Christmas with GP’s family and my dad), things just sort of…took off. As in, after a leisurely two weeks off work (and still in the midst of my gargantuan winter break from school), we went to Tahoe for the weekend. (Where I was not mocked for wanting to stay at the cabin and read, then cook dinner for six people. Skiing and snowboarding do not work well for me on the effort-to-enjoyment ratio.) The following weekend, we went up to San Francisco to see Wicked. (The verdict: good, with some great songs, but the songs were mostly too thematic and not expository enough for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not singing them around the house still, though.) And then the weekend after that? We went down to Disneyland for our annual pilgrimage– no kidding, we hit a Disney park every year. (Seriously. Remember the Great Disney World Extravaganza of 2009? This particular trip included a delicious visit to the Napa Rose.) Oh, and in the midst of all these weekends? We moved. Out of our crappy, small apartment, and into a lovely, still-pretty-small-but-in-a-charming-way house. 2010 is shaping up to be a busy year so far, and I am thankful that, this weekend, we will have little else to do besides alternating sitting around and hanging things on the walls. Sigh.

Oh, and a bonus of having this cat, which I didn’t realize until we moved into a century-old house with one central gas heating unit? He has so many warms. Thanks, kitty.

This counts as the weekend, right?

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1. Why do we have to work and go to school during March Madness? It seems that we would all be happier if we were allowed to just sit on the couch in our pajamas, switching between games and episodes of Unwrapped on the DVR. What, just me?

2. Constantly having a hair elastic around my wrist and taking off my ring when I wash my hands are now habits. The elastic thing is immensely helpful when I get impatient with my hair (gah, there is so much of it!), but I am probably going to be sorry about the ring habit. Every time I slip it into my pocket for handwashing time, I can just envision dropping it on the floor of whatever gross public restroom I’m in. But…is that better or worse than having it slip off my finger and go down the drain?

3. I have spring break next week, but it means very little to me– I still have to go to work and my internship, so really I’m just getting a few free hours. Definitely not as exciting as undergrad spring break.

4. I had never heard the phrase “If you have to eat a frog, don’t spend a lot of time looking at it. If you have to eat more than one, eat the big one first,” until it came up when I was teaching a Study Skills class last week and it seemed a perfectly apt metaphor for procrastination avoidance. This probably doesn’t mean that I am going to become someone who follows through on all the elaborate plans she makes, but at least I have that saying in my head.

5. I currently have five pairs of shoes hanging around the living room, the way I always do. Much to GP’s chagrin. What? I’m working on it!

6. How was I to know that baking two dozen of those Guinness cupcakes was a bit of overkill? I got so caught up in the awesomeness of baking (and decorating!) with alcohol that I just kept filling the cups.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a crazy food experiment in which I try to make spaghetti carbonara with no cheese (it might get a little hairy, I’m not going to lie), tomorrow my plans include visiting a couple of wineries with our friends Davemanda and meeting another set of friends’ new baby, and Sunday, I want to get some schoolwork done! Ambitious, I know, as there will be basketball on…and I am not so big on eating frogs, though I really enjoy the phrase.


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Win: My mood has been fantastic recently, probably because I’ve been working out regularly. Weird, right? Thanks, endorphins!

Lose: I am convinced that I have some sort of specific social anxiety that rears its head only in my Issues in Academic Libraries class. It might be the combination of “I have no idea what I’m talking about,” a professor who is formidable and intimidating, and a few classmates who really, really like to talk. This week will be our third meeting, and I am determined to say something other than “here.”

Win: I tried on dresses for the first time with my mom a couple weekends ago, and it turns out I am not a plus-size bride. (They don’t vanity-size wedding dresses, folks!) The two dresses that I liked the best were this one and this one (sans flower).

Lose: The dress trying-on expedition for this past weekend was thwarted by a dental emergency that my mom had. Also, I have few local friends who are readily available for such tasks…so I stayed home and watched America’s Best Dance Crew at the gym. Not a total wash.

Win: I found a DJ who is also a pianist! And is not crazy-expensive! That means that I may only have to pay and feed one vendor for a couple services. Yay!

Lose: I have realized I would much rather be planning my wedding than doing schoolwork of any kind. This had led to massive amounts of procrastination and stress. Turns out grad school is just allowing me to continue the habits I developed as an undergrad…but if it wasn’t constantly rewarded with good grades, I’d stop! Seriously. Life is hard.

My weekend ended really well– first, I attended Wedding University with my best friend/MoH, then met up with another friend for some PF Chang’s. Wedding University is much more fun than graduate school, but I don’t know that it will improve my job prospects.

Lose: I have a terrible assignment that is due tonight by 11:59. I have no idea how to go about starting it. Whoops.

Post-Disney Depression

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I has it. Pictures are here— it was so. Magical.

Friday fill-ins are baaaack

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Now I only have to put actual effort into entertaining y’all six times a week. I’m tearing myself away from a dvr-ed NBC Nightly News to present to you…Friday Fill-ins! Get in on the action!

1. My blueprint for success includes finishing library school in a reasonable amount of time and finding a job that is both fulfilling and better-paying than my last full-time job. (I’d like to think that I have more earning power post-master’s degree, right?) Besides that, I am excited for my now-less-than-a-year-away wedding and all that will follow it!
2. A mini Crunch bar was the last candy I ate. Damn you, Halloween!
3. The best facial moisturizer I’ve ever used is this Pond’s one that I found on a recent Rite-Aid jaunt. The packaging is mostly in Spanish, which is fine for my bilingual self, and a little internets-research told me that there is some awesome “science” behind this overwhelmingly baby-powder-smelling lotion! (Not my favorite frangrance, btw, but I’m willing to deal.
4. Cooking can be good therapy.
5. I’d like to tell you about all the competing color schemes that I have floating around in my head for the wedding. But I won’t, because even I am bored by wedding stuff, most of the time.
6. My willingness (nay, compulsion!) to be truthful with everyone (sometimes much to my detriment) is my strongest characteristic.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching this weeks episodes of The Office, 30 Rock, and Grey’s, tomorrow my plans include a presentation/class meeting in the morning, work in the afternoon, and a wine/cheese party in the evening, and Sunday, I want to visit another potential wedding place with my mom. So begins the process…


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Yep, I managed less than a week of consisted NaBloPoMo. However, I am planning a double-post Friday to make up for it! Seeing as there is no governing body for this “everyone write, every day!” month, I am not afraid of much censure, so let’s just move on. I’m sure all eleven of my readers will forgive (right?).

Today is an unofficial day off, as there is no work-work to be done, but a ton of school and a bit of wedding stuff to do. That means I got to sleep in (until 8! Nice!), and watch multiple episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8…before beginning my prep for a presentation I have to give tomorrow on blogs. Yes, blogs. Specifically, blogs about/by libraries/librarians, which will be a scintillating 7 minutes in Elluminate. Yay, Powerpoint (picture the Michael Scott emphatic pointing here)! Later, my mom and I will check out the house that is a potential wedding venue– it’s in Morgan Hill, and is the home of my former boss’s mom and stepdad. GP and I have been there before, but I have to run it by the benefactors before we finally have a venue decision made (this is the other current front runner– any feedback?).