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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Gearing up

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Thank you for all your kind words after my big “reveal”– I am not often thrilled by others’ ultrasound images, so thanks for humoring me. 🙂 The nice part of waiting until nearly halftime to share pregnancy news is carrying around this little secret for so long, but now that we’re officially “out” (and how!), I’m beginning to see just how long the list of Important Plans to Be Made is. Of course, I’ve been surreptitiously adding my preliminary favorites to a hidden Amazon shopping list, which helped prepare us slightly for the gauntlet of Buy Buy Baby (whose name I find unbearably crass)– but only slightly. The danger of an enormous store filled to the brim with every conceivable piece of baby equipment is that you will inevitably walk out somewhat cross-eyed. We were able to leave having been able to lay eyes and hands on the stroller/carseat combo that I thought we’d like, and with a fuller understanding of just how widely tastes in furnishings can vary (surely someone is buying that cow-print carseat, but it certainly won’t be me).

I’m sure we’ll be back in another such store soon, but for now I’m cowering near the computer, which contains plenty of helpful information and reviews, plus an occasional gem such as this one (click to embiggen; I promise it’s worth it):



Christmas in July

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There comes a point every single summer at which I just cannot bear anymore, well…summer. Even as a kid and as a student, I was able to get all my “Woo! Summer! FREEDOM!” wiggles out within June and early July; when the second half of the season is in full swing, I’m thinking only of school supplies and crisp evenings. Am I a total weirdo for not loving summer? I like popsicles and swimming pools as much as the next lady, but enough already.

Our summer began with a few long weekends we’d planned immediately after returning from HK and Thailand, knowing we’d need something to look forward to after the end of a pretty fantastic break from regular life: a “camping cabin” in Lassen, a weekend in a rented lake house with friends, a pre-July/mid-heatwave visit to Yosemite (where there was no AC, so cold showers were among the top five highlights). Though we’ve recently found our weekends a little less booked– we’ve managed to plow through both House of Cards and Orange is the New Black– there are plenty of in-town activities with friends occupying our Saturday nights. As these activities tend more and more toward sedate evenings in, rather than packed cars and multi-hour drives, I’m getting more and more ready to be in the midst of college football season, sweater weather, and sub-80-degree temperatures.

Oh, and another reason to look forward to the final months of this year? We get to meet her in December.

(Yes, I’m showing. Yes, sometimes she sort of looks like Skeletor. Adventures!)