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Shop It to Me Tuesday: Color Week

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As Color Week is officially in full swing over at the Mission: Put Together pool, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite, brightly colored items from this week’s sale alert. Not all of them are my budget, but they’re definitely all my taste!

Kate Spade red ruffle coat, $253 (was $725) from Neiman Marcus

Not exactly seasonal anymore, but red is a winter classic for me. I’d be excited for that chill in the air to return so that I could bust out this beauty.

Green linen cable knit sweater, $54.99 (was $79.99) from J. Crew

I love this green, and because it’s linen, I think I could safely sneak it in on a late-summer evening. It gets cold in California once the sun’s gone down! (Maybe the only downside of our next-to-no-humidity?)

Vera Wang blue croc-embossed flat (also available in pink!), $109.00 (was $175) from Nordstrom

If I were the sort of girl who could afford $100 flats, I would be right on top of them. I can dream, right?

Royal blue embellished tank, $24.99 (was $49.50) at Banana Republic

This also comes in a delicious yellow, but I have to draw the line somewhere: even on sale, it’s $40. Come on.

How are you punching up your spring wardrobe? Are you as excited as I am about it being May?


Let’s accessorize, shall we?

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Now that we are within two months of the wedding (seriously, less than fifty days…let’s freak out for a minute about that), just about all the Big Decisions are made. We have a lovely venue (with two coordinators whose heads I want to just knock together sometimes, they are so frustrating), an officiant, a florist, a (super-ninja) photographer, a DJ, clothing, attendants, the whole shebang. Since I have decided that I do not want to be making decisions about the wedding past, say, mid-September, we’ve begun planning some details. You’ll be happy to know (you will, won’t you?) that we have decided upon a first-dance song (point, Buble!), the ceremony is in a nearly-completed state, bridesmaid and maid-of-honor gifts have been purchased, and, oh yes, there are shoes!

And then, on a recent shopping trip to the Stanford Shopping Center (likely my new favorite mall, luckily–for my AmEx bill–too far away to visit regularly), mom bought these for me:

Cue a teary exit from Bloomingdales– it seems so real when we’re thinking of things like earrings, rather than, “What might be a good month for the wedding?” and “The dress– white or ivory?”

Finally, and most excitingly (that’s a word, right?), The Precious has a new friend:

They look cozy together, don’t they. I’m not gonna lie, GP and I have been “practicing” wearing our rings. We sit around the living room and he says, “Look at me…I’m a married dude.” My future husband, ladies and gentlemen…

How would Jebus celebrate Cinco?

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Get is? Shots! P.S. Arielle, I am totally using that shot glass you sent!

Well, I like to think that he’d do it up in style, even though Cinco de Mayo is really not that big of a deal in Mexico– just inflated in the US by beer companies, just like Valentine’s Day was embellished by Hallmark. Be that as it may, tonight GP and I will be enjoying some (healthy! Made with ground turkey!) soft tacos, homemade guacamole, and some margaritas (in the interest of my figure, mine will be via Hungry Girl), and then maybe some of that sweet ranchero music that we get to enjoy on a fairly regular basis, thanks to our neighbors who have no sense that there is anyone else in the world who doesn’t need to hear to their music. Ah, apartment life.

Oh, and as promised, here are the Jesus sandals– the closest this girl will ever come to Birkenstocks (these were about $15 at Ross. I am not about to pay for actual Birkenstocks, nor am I willing to consistently sport that “crunchy” look).

Hell yes.

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So, it’s official: Arielle is a better bloggy-swap partner than I, as I received all of my sweet NYC stuff on the very day that the California paraphernalia was shipped off to the East Coast (P.S. It will be there Monday! Thanks, FedEx). Among the treasures are a pair of mesh mules, which I swear I owned in college, when I was even poorer than I am now.

This is kind of a cankle-y picture, I know, but I wanted to capture the true majesty of those sequins! Since work is notoriously lax about dress code, I may just sport these puppies to the office tomorrow…

There will, of course, be a full photo showcase of all the things I received today…but you know adorable shoes are the priority.

Shop It To Me Tuesday!

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Don’t worry, there are three more days of Tales From the South, but I had to squeeze in some lovelies that showed up in my inbox this morning. Basically, when you sign up for Shop It To Me, you input your size and brand preferences, and they send you things that are on sale from various online retailers. If nothing else, it is a great way to get some online window shopping done, plus they’ve already found your sizes! In short, everyone wins.

First, we have the shoes. Shoes generally come first, right? Some red Nine West d’Orsay pumps from Endless, for about $50 (although I am already the proud owner of a pair that look a lot like these, plus a bow, that I got from Le Target for about $25…)

Then there are the following purses…I am having a big Cole Haan love affair right now. For instance, with this:
Which is still about $320 on Zappos. Not now, Cole Haan, not now. Oh, and I want to get this bag into my life, too…

Now, the two skirts– one from Vera Wang Lavender Label, and the other from our friend Marc Jacobs…

And, finally, the dress parade. I have few occasions at which it would be appropriate to wear these, but I like to fantasize about a grand life that enables me with the funds, body, and venues to show these off.
What do we think, is the bubble hem a yea or nay?
Now, I suppose it wouldn’t be inappropriate to own this, but I am trying to break into the world of “color” right now, and escape my black-and-white leanings.

I mean, come on…tomorrow is payday.

Running faster and jumping higher than ever before!

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With these!

Actually, very little running and jumping was done today, but I like to think the pink stripes would enable a little extra physical prowess.

Nothing much of note today– though I did try on my several dress options for the wedding we’ll be going to in Charleston next weekend, narrowed down because there are a few that are fitting a little strangely. As in…not. Maybe it’s time for the gym, in between glasses of wine and smears of goat cheese. Just maybe. The dress, in case you are wondering (and I know you are!), is a black Calvin Klein that I found at Marshall’s for super-cheap, because that is how I roll. A bit of pleating in the front, with a modified halter neck, and the bonus is that I will get to wear a regular bra. Score! There will be gold shoes, of course.

Oh! Speaking of this upcoming vacation/trip/out-of-town-being, I was thinking of potentially having some guest bloggers do some posts, so that I don’t have to be all anti-social while I am soaking up the charms of the South. Any volunteers? I may be able to sweeten the deal with some souvenirs…

Wild diva

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Got these in the Fashion District in downtown LA, which is a truly horrible and depressing place to be. Los Angeles is the only city I’ve been to in which the downtown area is seriously the least desirable part of it– and that’s saying something, for a place as never-ending and sprawly as LA. At any rate, these are flats, but have a funny little heel that slides around on slick floors (was the reason I almost fell down at a super-nice Napa restaurant when GP took me there for my birthday two years ago, so embarrassing), and makes an authoritative clacking sound when I walk anywhere that is uncarpeted. Also, the brand name? Wild Diva. Seriously. Probably the most awesome shoe brand name, ever. That’s what $7 will buy you in downtown LA.