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How we spend

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I read this article a couple weeks ago in the Sunday New York Times, and it rang so true for me– but it has not always been so. I love Things. Like, seriously, am enamored with Stuff. This may have something to do with the fact that, for the last couple years, I’ve been working for what I’ll generously call a “student wage,” but I hope that it also is a reflection of efforts I’ve made to place more emphasis on experiences rather than Stuff. Besides the fact that, as a mid-to-late twenty-something, I’ve had to move most of my worldly possessions from place to place about four times (in the last four years, jeez), it has become clear to me that, while certain objects can evoke memories of a certain place and time, memories don’t necessarily need to be accompanied by a commemorative shot glass.

I’m nowhere near becoming one of those people who only owns one hundred things, but let’s say that I am now more confident that our next move will be a bit less painful.

What about you, friends? Are you a Stuff person? Could you even imagine living with 100 things?


I have a Big Fat Crush

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…on Jason Segel. This clip isn’t helping.

Apparently he’s friends with Markéta Irglová and Glen Hansard (of Once fame) and did some guest-singing at a concert they did in LA recently. GP should be thanking his luck stars that we don’t live in LA. I’m just sayin’, is all.

P.S. That is allegedly his actual number. Say it with me, “Z-O-M-G.”

My Two Dads

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Eventually I will actually do a post about my dad and my stepdad, but for now, I leave you with this:
I learned today that Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler are married. Do you think they would adopt me? They are just. So. Adorable.

Faux-late-night thoughts

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Yes, 10:47 qualifies as the middle of the night around here. GP is snoring away, earplugs crammed firmly into his ears, able to block out the sounds (and, yes, smells– they smoke) of our neighbors…while I am not. I had in mind a list, but that dissolved when I began to write what I could remember of it. So, rather than anything coherent, I give you the following.

  • Kevin Smith should stop “acting” and stick to writing. One thing at a time, sir.
  • I think Jennifer Garner and I should be friends. I have thought this since I read that she has a yellow lab named Martha Stewart.
  • That’s enough, Juliette Lewis.
  • I know I am not ready for kids because when I see pictures of the children and dogs of high school friends on Facebook, I am way more excited about the dogs.
  • Kate Spade shipping > Amazon shipping. Witness: yesterday, I bought all of my books for this semester (which, ok, started yesterday) from Amazon, and they have yet to ship…and I just got an email from the Kate Spade website saying my (on super-sale!) passport case and wallet have shipped! Too bad I cannot post on my class discussion boards about newly-acquired leather goods.
  • How is it possible to dislike actual birds so much and still really like them as a design element (jewelry and t-shirt motifs, for instance)? I don’t know, but I can tell you that it is.
  • I am always, always signed out of chat when I am signed in to Facebook. I am definitely past the point where I am ok with random IMs. Mostly, this is because I am a jerk, but it is also partly because I never feel like I can commit to a conversation with about 80% of my Facebook friends (who I just know are yearning to talk to me).
  • Is there anything sadder than homeless robots at Xmas? Only drowning puppies, and there would have to be a lot of them.
  • There is a Love List in the works, but who can say when that will be done.

Just another commute…

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“…you know, drivin’ back over the hill from Santa Cruz. Man, these winding mountain roads are so relaxing. Not at all treacherous or anything! And I’m sure none of the other drivers mind me swerving into their lanes– it’s like I’m just swinging by to say hello! Ahh, nothing like putting my foot out the window on a sunny summer Thursday to dial down that work-week stress…”

You guys. This moron nearly killed me today. Please keep both feet in your car when you’re driving, even if you’re driving an automatic and technically only need one.

This may be the Shred talking, but…

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I should not be allowed to watch The Biggest Loser. I am totally in tears, watching these people work so hard to change their bodies. Also, I want Jillian Michaels to chase me around and make me do cardio.

Friday Fill-Ins are forthcoming! Hopefully, more alliteration is not.

What I am Loving Today

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In no particular order, besides that in which they pop out of my head (which somehow sounds disgusting, but go with it, ok?):

1. I get to have Italian food tonight! It’ll be mediocre chain-restaurant Italian, but I am betting there will be bread! And wine!

2. Sephora sends me emails about things like this, that are pretty, even if they aren’t “technically” in the budget.

3. My lungs aren’t making that noise anymore! No more rattling, and the coughing has died down to normal levels (read: still present, mostly after meals. Anyone care to offer a diagnosis?).

4. The sun is back! Thank god the rain that began yesterday as I was leaving work has run its course.

5. Ethiopian food tomorrow for lunch!

6. It’s go-home-from-work time! Clearly, I am getting a ton done.