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A real, live librarian

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Just about a week ago, my e-portfolio was approved. I’m taking another class this semester– research methods, which is turning out to be pretty interesting– but for all intents and purposes, I’m done. Done with school, done with the MLIS, and ready to be a grown-up-type librarian.

If I am completely honest, I don’t know that the e-portfolio was the most mentally challenging exercise– but I can say without a doubt that it was the best possible way for me to reflect on what I’ve accomplished over the past five semesters. This next bit will be boring for most of you, but stick with me: the compilation of an e-portfolio is one of two culminating experiences that is offered at my school (the other is a thesis, which I think we can agree is a little silly for a terminal masters, particularly in a very practice-based field). I knew from the beginning of the program that I would have to put together evidence that I had fulfilled all of the stated core competencies set forth by the school, along with a statement for each (there are fifteen in all), as well as a “statement of professional philosophy” and concluding statement. I put the whole thing together in about a month and a half; it was really the perfect task leading up to our London trip, as I was trying to set my sleep rhythm in anticipation of travel and had a lot of early-early morning time to work on things. I remember finishing my last few statements on a train between London and Blackpool, submitting everything online from our hotel in Blackpool. We came home, and I had a few small edits to make. I made them, submitted my final drafts…and that was it.

It seemed a bit anticlimactic, really. We were staying with friends last weekend, and I got the email: “Congratulations,” said my “advisor” (in name only, as his advice was limited to three statements…yes, seriously). And that was it. It was over.

So, now what? I’ve been an intern at the same place for nearly two and a half years: longer than I’ve been in school. They aren’t in a position to offer me a full-time job, and the job market for librarians in general is pretty bleak. I’m working all my possible connections, librarian and not, and hoping for the best. If you happen to know any eccentric billionaires who want to hire a personal librarian (my possibly-nonexistent Library Dream Job), hook a girl up! Until then, it’ll be all the resume-customizing and cover letter-writing that I can handle (yes, I’m working on building up my tolerance for both of these brain-numbing tasks).


Dial A for (over) Achiever

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With one minor exception (that I won’t count because I didn’t actually want to succeed), I haven’t ever interviewed for a job that I didn’t get. To make this a statement without qualification, let me say that I haven’t ever interviewed for a full-time job that I didn’t get (for the record, the one “failure” was an “audition” for Cold Stone, who can go jump in a lake). The first job that I got right out of undergrad– nailed it! (And it was a group interview. How much does everyone hate these?) The next one, that I found through a friend who worked at the company? Not a problem. And my current, not-full-time-but-have-still-been-there-for-two-years, slowly working my way up in hours job? Got it. Part of it is that I know my strengths and have no problem talking about what I don’t know or do so well, and another part can probably be attributed to the sorority girl in me, who has no problem being “on” (which is not to say fake) and fully devoting herself to the conversation at hand (ask me about my 100% recruitment return rate!).

Why am I telling you all of this? Not just to brag about how awesome I am, oh no. See, after months and months of sending out resumes, drafting cover letters, and crossing my fingers until they cramped, I’ve finally been able to set up a phone interview. Now, this might just be the first of a series of seven interviews, but I’ll take it– after all, it’s the first thing I’ve heard out of anyone other than, “Thank you for sending in your resume. We’ll let you know.” I. Am. Pumped. Oh, and also? I am nervous. It’s a regular, pre-interview version of nervous, but nervous all the same. I can meet all the requirements they have in the description, and then some, and, goshdarnit, I’m employable! Really, they should just hire me now.

At any rate, friends, I’m somewhere between elated and terrified, so send me some good vibes at about 1 tomorrow afternoon (PST!). Couldn’t hurt, right?


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Don’t worry, I won’t be too much of a rain cloud. I’m beginning to get used to stupid daylight savings and hate life a little less, however…

1) we have new downstairs neighbors. They love to watch some television, which is always really loud. Oh, and of course they don’t seem to have jobs. Shut up, I’m a grad student. Don’t judge me! I have two jobs.

2) I managed to get a mild sunburn when we were in Tahoe last weekend. Not a regular, terrible, skin-peeling burn, though– just a weird stripe that my SPF-ed makeup didn’t cover along the top of my forehead. Trust me, it is a fetching look.

3) I was mildly misnamed on the invitations for our Giant East Coast Engagement Party. It wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t the same name that GP’s most recent ex has, or if GP’s mom didn’t have a habit of running every. single. thing. past us. How did this escape notice? Oh well…this is not a real problem. And really, if this is the worst wedding-related “disaster,” we will have gotten off easily.

4) I have given up cheese for Lent. Which is weird, because cheese is sort of my religion, much more so than Jesus is. Mostly, I’m using it as a test of will, and experimenting with how long I can go without a cornerstone of my diet. I almost accidentally ate pizza for dinner last night– but, luckily, caught myself and had a sub-par frozen thing of sweet and sour chicken. Cheeseless life is hard, yo!

Silver lining, though! Or, really, just unrelated things that are good in my life…yeah, I’m jumping on the “Grace in Small Things” train…

1) a just-made bed, with clean sheets
2) being done with my final Dialog assignment in Online Searching. Relief!
3) poached eggs on toast with Tabasco
4) Earl Grey with milk
5) Uggs, in chocolate, purchased on sale


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…can eat a bag of d*cks (to borrow a phrase from my librarian compatriot, NPW, who is dealing with the nastiness of school budgets and politics– actual problems, not like mine at the moment). Anyway. I am taking this Online Searching class, so that I can have Real Librarian Skills, rather than just being good at wearing cardigans and shushing people. Oh, and wearing glasses. And hair buns. And fulfilling so, so many stereotypes. The thing is, though? Online searching? Is hard, yo. It’s not all Google this and natural language query that…it is actually like a whole other language.

I had to complete my first assignment for the class tonight, and by that I mean that I did pretty much the entire assignment, because old habits die hard and I’ll be damned if I am going to change habits that got me (somehow) successfully through and out of undergrad and into library school. I like to live on the edge. Of complete insanity. Over the past six hours or so, I have gone from “Huh?!” to “Yessss!!!” and back a couple times, punctuated with a gruyere-and-apple sandwich (I recommend) and some Insaniquarium (also recommended). Now I am in that zone where I am too amped up to sleep, and too mentally exhausted to even pretend to be wedding planning. Maybe an episode of Say Yes to the Dress (because who doesn’t love a girl with a freaking $6500 dress budget?) and a cup of chamomile before I can get to bed.

In short, all you pre-library school people (I know you’re out there! I read your blogs), you need to know: they do not just hand out these master’s degrees. Do not let this dissuade you, though, because you are likely more on top of things than I am.


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Win: My mood has been fantastic recently, probably because I’ve been working out regularly. Weird, right? Thanks, endorphins!

Lose: I am convinced that I have some sort of specific social anxiety that rears its head only in my Issues in Academic Libraries class. It might be the combination of “I have no idea what I’m talking about,” a professor who is formidable and intimidating, and a few classmates who really, really like to talk. This week will be our third meeting, and I am determined to say something other than “here.”

Win: I tried on dresses for the first time with my mom a couple weekends ago, and it turns out I am not a plus-size bride. (They don’t vanity-size wedding dresses, folks!) The two dresses that I liked the best were this one and this one (sans flower).

Lose: The dress trying-on expedition for this past weekend was thwarted by a dental emergency that my mom had. Also, I have few local friends who are readily available for such tasks…so I stayed home and watched America’s Best Dance Crew at the gym. Not a total wash.

Win: I found a DJ who is also a pianist! And is not crazy-expensive! That means that I may only have to pay and feed one vendor for a couple services. Yay!

Lose: I have realized I would much rather be planning my wedding than doing schoolwork of any kind. This had led to massive amounts of procrastination and stress. Turns out grad school is just allowing me to continue the habits I developed as an undergrad…but if it wasn’t constantly rewarded with good grades, I’d stop! Seriously. Life is hard.

My weekend ended really well– first, I attended Wedding University with my best friend/MoH, then met up with another friend for some PF Chang’s. Wedding University is much more fun than graduate school, but I don’t know that it will improve my job prospects.

Lose: I have a terrible assignment that is due tonight by 11:59. I have no idea how to go about starting it. Whoops.

Proof of nerditude

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Megan’s Dewey Decimal Section:

484 [Unassigned]

Megan = 357149014489475 = 357+149+014+489+475 = 1484

400 Language

Linguistics and language books.

What it says about you:
You value communication, even with people who are different from you. You like trying new things don’t mind being exposed to unfamiliar territory. You get bored with routines that never change.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

What’s your Dewey number?

P.S. Yes, this is what happens when I tire of taxonomy work at my internship.
P.P.S. I have informally quit NaBloPoMo. But I am trying to post more!


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Yep, I managed less than a week of consisted NaBloPoMo. However, I am planning a double-post Friday to make up for it! Seeing as there is no governing body for this “everyone write, every day!” month, I am not afraid of much censure, so let’s just move on. I’m sure all eleven of my readers will forgive (right?).

Today is an unofficial day off, as there is no work-work to be done, but a ton of school and a bit of wedding stuff to do. That means I got to sleep in (until 8! Nice!), and watch multiple episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8…before beginning my prep for a presentation I have to give tomorrow on blogs. Yes, blogs. Specifically, blogs about/by libraries/librarians, which will be a scintillating 7 minutes in Elluminate. Yay, Powerpoint (picture the Michael Scott emphatic pointing here)! Later, my mom and I will check out the house that is a potential wedding venue– it’s in Morgan Hill, and is the home of my former boss’s mom and stepdad. GP and I have been there before, but I have to run it by the benefactors before we finally have a venue decision made (this is the other current front runner– any feedback?).