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WARNING: Uterus talk ahead. Also, feelings.


So. We’re “trying” again. After having been told by the doctor who did the D&E that we’d have to wait six months, which was confirmed by my regular lady doc (as I called her from the gate of our departing flight to Hong Kong, desperate to hear her say, “Go for it! Procreate!”), the six months are nearly up. In these six months, I’ve felt, well…all the feelings. But, finally, we’re ready to carry on. So we are, in much the same way we approached attempts to parenthood in the past: with a plan, a thermometer, and a metric ton of ovulation and pregnancy tests. I’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, and lurk constantly on discussion boards that sometimes look more like MySpace than medicine. For someone who rarely studied in an intense way (English majors don’t really do that, see), I have been examining all the materials available for way longer than necessary. And yet! There is a time in each month of trying in which all you can do is wait. Sit there and wait, with pregnancy tests in one hand and tampons in the other, waiting to see if anything has happened. (While seething over discussion board posts that read, “well we decided like last minute that we were trying to get pregnant lol.” WHAT EVEN.)

I promise it isn’t going to be all ladyparts talk, all the time around here until…what, until a person comes out of me? No, I’m still also a reasonably normal person. Just…one who adds maternity jeans to her online orders before she’s knocked up. That kind of reasonably normal person.


How I’d like to remember him

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Laughing, happy, and probably with a gin and tonic in hand. I miss him already.