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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Friday Five

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End-of-week randomness? You’ve got it!

I have been eating grapefruit segments over plain Greek yogurt, topped with chopped roasted almonds, all week. Grapefruit is something that I could have sworn I didn’t like– “I only like grapefruit-flavored things,” I’d say– but wouldn’t you know it, I dutifully segmented a juicy ruby-red on Monday and haven’t looked back since. I have very few food aversions, so I’m happy to have checked this one off the (pretty short) list.


I am having what Rachel Zoe would call “an orange moment.” I bought Essie’s Orange, It’s Obvious and Revlon’s Orange Flip lipstick (a Cupcakes and Cashmere favorite, and I am nothing if not highly suggestible), and have decided on orange as my “base-bright” for the spring (and summer? Probably). It’s been alternating between pouring and drizzling outside for the last few days, and this orange manicure is basically the only thing keeping me from rocking myself and whimpering softly in a corner.


My grandma recently acquired her first computer! This is a big deal, because now she has email and I can feel better about not calling her that frequently (I call her! Just…not frequently). In true Grandma fashion, her email handle is [Grandpa’s name][Uncle’s name]@domain dot com. Yes, she has two other children. No, I have no idea why they’re not included in her email address. Maybe gender uniformity? Please tell me hilarious stories of your parents and grandparents on the internet, like these.


I am thisclose to being done with 1Q84, which I have checked out in both hardcover (pages 1-635, then had to return it) and Kindle formats (pages 636 to end). I like its brand of magical realism, could do with less plentiful descriptions of breasts (is this a Murakami thing? I hope not), but would ultimately recommend. Has anyone else read it? What should I read next?


We’ll be spending the weekend braving forecasted rain in southern California, testing the resiliency of our bodies on roller coasters at Magic Mountain. Because we are nerdy enough to be (LITERAL) card-carrying members of an actual roller coaster enthusiast organization, we’ll be able to ride them until…well, until we just plain can’t take it anymore.