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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Caturday: Maybe we should switch dryer sheet brands?

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Because, dude. We can’t keep him out of the clean clothes.

He has considerately curled up atop GP's drawers this morning.


In an attempt to be less of a bummer…

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I will now list things that are getting me through this week. (I know it’s only Monday, you guys, but it has been a rough couple weeks.)

Thing the First: Last weekend was our first “free” weekend in awhile. Now, it’s not that we’ve been doing terrible things during the last couple months’ worth of weekends, but there is certainly something to be said for a weekend where the greatest demands upon you are to make waffles on Sunday and get your car washed. (Nailed it!)

Thing the Second: There seems to be something of a Simpsons renaissance afoot in the Sarkisian household. I am in full support of this, and GP is gladly curating our pre-sleep showings, filling in my gaps of Groening knowledge.

Thing the Third: I’m expecting something in the mail both tomorrow and Wednesday. Will there ever come a day when I am not absolutely psyched to see the UPS truck? I sure hope not.

Thing the Fourth: Speaking of mail, I got a surprise $100 MasterCard gift thingie in the mail today from Hyundai. Yes, folks, I have a new car and then they also gave me money. I win.

Now that we’re even closer to Friday than we were this morning, tell me: what’s getting you through the week?