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What I think of Prop 8 passing

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My sheer elation about Obama (yes, I am still glued to news programs so that they will continually reassure me that it actually did happen) is tempered by the seething rage I feel about California passing Prop 8 last Tuesday. Granted, there was a lot of money spent on both sides (and I don’t know enough to form an opinion of the funders), and the margin was the smallest it’s ever been in a vote on this issue…but I feel so let down by my reliably blue state. I know that I’m in a blue bubble here in the Bay Area, and have been raised with values of acceptance and love for everyone that others simply weren’t…it is truly unfathomable to me, that anyone thinks that we can, in the 21st century, ban any two consenting adults from marriage. Inspired by Renee and The Modern Matriarch, I had to take this picture:

(Yes, I am aware that this makes my hand look beefy.) I am so fortunate that no one will question my impending marriage, that no one is scared that their kids will learn about me in school. (God forbid! Oh, and parents? Someday your kids will learn about homosexuality, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.) I don’t believe the struggle for equal marriage is over, and I will fight until it is, and everyone’s love is considered legal and legitimate.


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