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Monthly Archives: June 2012

What’s making me happy this week

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One of my favorite podcasts (that makes me happy just about every week), ends with this segment every time, and I think it’s a nice cherry-on-top-of-your-Friday to be able to reflect on the things that got you through the preceding week. Here are mine– leave yours in the comments!

  • Eating like a human after a vacation spent largely in amusement parks. While there was a delicious Greek meal in Niagara Falls, as well as a wonderful stop at a bistro in Toronto, most of our eating was comprised of food-themed products as opposed to Actual Food. Yes, I like Chick-Fil-A (despite having pretty strong political differences with them), but this lady can only take so much Fried.
  •  Ripening fruit in our yard. Right now, we’ve got some apricots, plums, figs, and the ever-present lemons. There’s also a mystery fruit tree about halfway down our driveway– I’ll have to post a picture, because I haven’t a clue what’s growing on it.
  • Caving in and finally paying for an app on my phone: Plants vs. Zombies. I was morally against paying for apps in the beginning (lo those many two months ago), but I have a problem, and its name is Plants vs. Zombies. Basically, $2.99 = hours and hours of enjoyment. WORTH IT.
  • A couple new Baggu bags that came with a Birchbox purchase (a new brush, Klorane dry shampoo, and Avene face wash, if you’re curious). Baggu was the first type of reusable bag that I owned, and they hold up so well. When Birchbox announced that they would be including them in all $60+ orders, I couldn’t resist. I’m not made of stone, y’all.
  • Brave comes out today! I am trying to temper my excitement, as I don’t expect this to be quite as transcendent as and of the Toy Story movies, but I can’t help but feel eager about Pixar’s latest. Because we are elderlydon’t like paying a lot to see movies are relatively early risers on the weekends, we’ll probably end up seeing it Saturday or Sunday morning. Movie theater popcorn is a healthy breakfast, right? Whole grains and all.

Summer ahoy!

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One of my recently-adopted podcasts (and new obsessions) is the Joy the Baker Podcast– I love it because Joy the Baker and Tracy from Shutterbean talk to each other in exactly the same way that my friends and I talk to each other, only with a few more “abbrevs” (dude, watch Happy Endings, it is wonderful). At any rate, something raised in one of their recent episodes was the Summer Bucket List. While I cannot bear to call it a “bucket list,” as something about the word “bucket” does not sit right with me, I am all about creating one. And so, in celebration of this first actual day of summer, here’s mine (some items are more vague than others, but I think they’ll figure themselves out):

Go to the beach at least twice (and avoid getting sunburned)
Funnel cake and/or garlic fries on the Boardwalk
Maxi skirts and dresses (I don’t wear shorts, so these are basically as breezy as my summer attire gets)
Summer Pops concerts at SJSU (free music, yay!)
Picnic in the Rose Garden (such a short walk from home!)
Braids for-ev-er
San Jose Giants games (cheaper than a movie)
Make jam, pickles, popsicles (we have some fruit ripening in our yard– has anyone ever pickled an apricot?)
Olympics! No lie, I love the Olympics.
Gone with the Wind (Hello, I still haven’t read this. I’m sorry.)
Bike rides

You don’t have to call it a bucket list, either, but tell me– what will you be up to this summer?

Post-vacation ennui

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We just returned (well, last week) from our only strictly-vacation of the summer (we have a wedding to attend in August, but GP is a best man, so there’s something planned other than simply hanging out). I’ve managed to upload the pictures from my phone (yes, I took an actual camera, but the ennui! It is powerful), and you can see them here. I’ll be back with the fancier-camera pictures, a medium-sized recap, and maybe some links to GP’s trip reports. We visited four amusement parks in six days; never let it be said that I am not a good sport. (He did humor me by letting me drag him around a museum, of course.)