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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Drumroll, please

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Much to everyone’s surprise, I’m sure, here are the winners of the Cooking, Travel, and Paper 200th Post Giveaway Extravaganza…

Cooking – Mrs. Gallery Place (Email me your address!)

Travel – RA (I feel like I should have your address somewhere, but my address book says otherwise. Email, por favor.)

Paper – Arielle (Got it covered. Get excited!)

In completely unrelated news, I think I’m getting some sort of seasonal urge to Eat Less Science. Maybe we can blame Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution (actually haven’t seen the show, but am definitely in favor of kids– and adults– eating Actual Food), but I think it’s the burgeoning abundance of goodness at the farmer’s market. Anyone else getting this feeling? Bueller?


Wouldn’t trade it

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In the scheme of all the weekends in one’s life, it’s doubtful that this one would stick out. Nothing life-changing happened, no completely new experiences were had. But still, after a Friday in which I not only got to see the friend who was my maid of honor (for the first time since the wedding, nearly six months ago) and meet her boyfriend for the first time, but also have our house’s inaugural barbecue with another set of friends, and a Saturday in which we were visited by cross-country friends and did our typical “look how great California is!” tour (wine-tasting on a gloriously sunny day), followed by a barbecue dinner and movie-watching, I have to say: I wouldn’t trade it for anything. (You get ten points if you made it through that sentence. I don’t think I should be able to write anything before 9 in the morning.) We’re calm, we’re happy, and we have all that we need. (Don’t worry, though, I’ll be back to writing unsent scathing letters in short order.)

Oh, and by the way: if you haven’t entered the 200th post giveaway extravaganza…you should. Because right now, there are three entries. Three. And, um…that’s how many things I’m giving away, and even I can do that math.

Have a wonderful Sunday, internet loves!

Dos mil

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In thinking about what I would write in this space for my 200th post, I thought a retrospective of sorts would be in order. As I’m not one for year-end reviews, and as a friend remarked that her “special occasion” posts tended toward the Oscar-speech end of the spectrum, I was determined not to veer too sharply into “You like me, you really like me!” territory. On the other hand…wow. Seriously. I know that I have lately been semi-regular at best about posting and commenting, and I know that I’ll never be one of the Really Cool Kids, amassing hordes of blog-friends, but I have to comment on how much I appreciate what blogging and bloggers (two words which, the more I type them, sound sort of gross) have brought to my life. There is a handful of people in my life, a little pocket of my world, that just wouldn’t exist without blogging– and I’m so glad it’s there! Not being a Big Deal means that I’ve never (knock on wood) had to deal with horrible anonymous commenters (Commentors? I can’t decide.) the way others have, and the chances of being incriminated at work for something awful I’ve written about a colleague are slim to none. However, I am happy to know that at least there are the dozens, maybe, of you that care to read and even take the time to comment. Thanks.

Spring break has come a bit early (at least work-wise– trust me, it’s not a very interesting story), and I’m feeling generous. As such, I’m proposing a multi-part giveaway, having to do with things that play a big part in my life: paper (I’m a sucker for pretty paper, and do like a good bit of correspondence!), travel (I take trips, even if a good third of them are Disneyrelated), and cooking (uh, yeah.) I’ll be giving away stuff from each category, so tell me what you’d like most! I’ll choose winners at random, and announce them in, say…a week? Yes, on March 29. That’s it.

And now, the booty. (Heh.)

A set of cards (pick your favorite) from Dots and Dahlias Etsy shop. Leave a comment telling me your proudest paper moment– did you manage to get Christmas cards out on time last year? Remember Grandma’s birthday? Carry on correspondence with a far-away love?

An assortment of gadgets and goodies from Crate and Barrel and Sur la Table, two of my favorite fancy-supply stores. Tell me which gadgets you wish you had in your kitchen, from a Silpat to a citrus reamer, and they just might be yours.

Either a set of luggage tags or a passport holder (it says womens, but I think the red, green, and blue are plenty butch, for my male readers) from Flight 001. Describe your most memorable trip, and share your fantasy vacation– a trek through the rainforest? Meandering through the streets of Prague? Sipping champagne in Champagne?

The bits and the pieces

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I’ve been feeling so scattered recently– I don’t think it’s because I’ve been that busy, exactly, but when I stop to think about it, I guess I have been. So…you get bullets!

  • epic amounts of Gilmore Girls-watching. Because the syndication on ABC Family just came back around the horn, I had the strange experience of viewing the final episode and the pilot back-to-back. At this very moment, I’m watching the second episode, where we meet Paris (who I love to little teeny pieces) and also contains the truly awful Chad Michael Murray, calling Rory “Mary.” Could definitely do without him.
  • does anyone else have a truly evil cat (who is actually usually very sweet and completely lovable) that insists on chewing on the mini-blinds? No? Just me? Gah, this fricking cat.
  • spent last weekend in Tahoe, the highlight of which was making food for the six of us that went– including pizzas, soup, and amazing balls of fried eggplant filled with smoked mozzarella. As I am only a fan of snow that I don’t have to interact with (seriously, I am even underwhelmed by sledding), this worked out well.
  • next weekend will be full of wine-tasting. Love, love, love.
  • I gave up meat for Lent, and so far my only slip has been lox, which I ate by accident (but totally enjoyed, sorry baby Jesus). Giving up meat is way easier than giving up cheese was, but I have come to the conclusion that there is no way that this will end up being a weight-loss experience for me– I just keep filling the void with more and more cheese and carbs.
  • velcro rollers. Thoughts? Techniques? I am afraid.

Oh, by the way…the next post will be number 200! As I likely have only about a dozen readers, your chances of winning one of the things I’m thinking of giving away are pretty good.