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Happy Pi Day! …and other things I promise to post later

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Yes, I am enough of a dork to not only celebrate Pi Day today, but also to foist it upon my coworkers, forcing everyone to bring a pie (entrees, like quiche, chicken pot pie, and even pizza are acceptable) to share at lunch. In the true spirit of the day, one of my bosses ordered pi-symbol pins from some magical place in the intertubes, which we are all sporting with pride. Pictures of pins and pies will be posted…with much less alliteration, I hope…at some point later today.

Also, the SNL recap is coming! I figure that it’s about at my usual level of Friday-night awesomeness, so get excited about that. I’m trying to get out of my one-week-behind recap schedule, so there might even be a recap of this upcoming one on…Sunday? Oh, and I found out who Vampire Weekend are, thanks to a recent Fresh Air episode. Thanks, Terry Gross!


Why I listen to NPR

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Not just because I’m a bleeding-heart, West Coast-living, registered Democrat with a crush on Ira Glass…but also because on local radio, especially in the morning, one’s ears are treated to scintillating segments (sorry for the alliteration, it flares up when I’m annoyed) such as, “Is It Gay?” Debate is then held over whether things like having personalized checks or being a male cheerleader is gay. Not that these people are social scientists, but I’m going to have to point out here that correlation is not causation. Thank god for Morning Edition!