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O HAI, oh-ten…

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In the post-Christmas return from New York (where we spent Christmas with GP’s family and my dad), things just sort of…took off. As in, after a leisurely two weeks off work (and still in the midst of my gargantuan winter break from school), we went to Tahoe for the weekend. (Where I was not mocked for wanting to stay at the cabin and read, then cook dinner for six people. Skiing and snowboarding do not work well for me on the effort-to-enjoyment ratio.) The following weekend, we went up to San Francisco to see Wicked. (The verdict: good, with some great songs, but the songs were mostly too thematic and not expository enough for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not singing them around the house still, though.) And then the weekend after that? We went down to Disneyland for our annual pilgrimage– no kidding, we hit a Disney park every year. (Seriously. Remember the Great Disney World Extravaganza of 2009? This particular trip included a delicious visit to the Napa Rose.) Oh, and in the midst of all these weekends? We moved. Out of our crappy, small apartment, and into a lovely, still-pretty-small-but-in-a-charming-way house. 2010 is shaping up to be a busy year so far, and I am thankful that, this weekend, we will have little else to do besides alternating sitting around and hanging things on the walls. Sigh.

Oh, and a bonus of having this cat, which I didn’t realize until we moved into a century-old house with one central gas heating unit? He has so many warms. Thanks, kitty.