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A quick goodbye to 2012

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Oh, 2012, you kicked my ass. Maybe it was just these last three months in particular (because it’s never all bad, is it?), but I won’t be sad to see you go. Tonight I will enjoy the company of my husband, friends, and plenty of champagne as we bid good riddance to this year in one of my favorite places. (That’s the view from our bedroom– not too shabby, right?) A good friends reminded me not to challenge the universe, but I have to say that I feel like 2013 has to be better. Happy new year to all of you– may you all enjoy a year full of love and joy and adventure.


Looking backward, looking forward

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I was reading something recently that cited a study that could “predict” aggression levels in people while they’re drinking, and I’m going to attempt to extrapolate these findings to non-boozy settings. Sounds like Real Science, right?

Everyone lives his or her life preoccupied with some combination of the past, present, and future. Too much of any single one of these can lead to some serious periods of funk (and not in a fun, dance-y P-Funk sense), and I’m hoping that I’m coming ever closer to striking the balance that’s right for me. I was never much for focusing solely on the past– where’s the fun in that?— and have always preferred to have a fairly active imaginary/dream-life in which I envision all the different paths that I can take– pretty much like a Choose Your Own Adventure, but with actual life…where you don’t get to mark your place in the book, just in case you want to go back. In the past couple years, I’ve made more of an effort to appreciate the present moment, which has led to richer memories and a still-satisfying view of the future. The difference, I think, has been that I’ve found myself in moments in which I think, “I can’t believe this is actually happening.” (See: walking the streets of Tokyo in September, for example.)

In 2011, I made a set of resolutions. They were (in case you missed the dozen or so update posts):

  • Take more (and better) pictures
  • Read 40 books
  • Meet a blogger in real life
  • Try 30 new recipes
  • Regularly practice some form of exercise
  • Dinner at the table at least twice a week

Having achieved at least a moderate level of success in most of these, I feel comfortable establishing some new goals for 2012. Sure, I have the 30 Before 30 to work on, but what’s a few additional goals between me and the internets? In 2012, I want to…

  • Read 45 books
  • Host friends for dinner monthly
  • No computer/internetting (in the case of a possible smartphone acquisition) after 8 p.m.
  • Establish and stick to a personal spending budget
  • Eat mindfully (less booze and caffeine, more water, less fast/junk food, more produce)
  • Be active (either join a new gym or commit to moving my body regularly)

Happy New Year, internet! May you raise your glasses at midnight in joy, and find everything you hope for in 2012.