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Gearing up

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Thank you for all your kind words after my big “reveal”– I am not often thrilled by others’ ultrasound images, so thanks for humoring me. 🙂 The nice part of waiting until nearly halftime to share pregnancy news is carrying around this little secret for so long, but now that we’re officially “out” (and how!), I’m beginning to see just how long the list of Important Plans to Be Made is. Of course, I’ve been surreptitiously adding my preliminary favorites to a hidden Amazon shopping list, which helped prepare us slightly for the gauntlet of Buy Buy Baby (whose name I find unbearably crass)– but only slightly. The danger of an enormous store filled to the brim with every conceivable piece of baby equipment is that you will inevitably walk out somewhat cross-eyed. We were able to leave having been able to lay eyes and hands on the stroller/carseat combo that I thought we’d like, and with a fuller understanding of just how widely tastes in furnishings can vary (surely someone is buying that cow-print carseat, but it certainly won’t be me).

I’m sure we’ll be back in another such store soon, but for now I’m cowering near the computer, which contains plenty of helpful information and reviews, plus an occasional gem such as this one (click to embiggen; I promise it’s worth it):



A few words on Wednesday

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(See what I did there?)

This conversation took place roughly ten minutes ago, as GP and I did some work (like, actual work-work, rather than housework) in separate rooms of the house:

Me: Did you see the NYT article about the flash wine sales? [GP is a Wines ‘Til Sold Out enthusiast.]
He: I just opened it from my Reader. Did you see the NPR thing about the grammar books?
Me: …it’s open in a tab.

We know each other disgustingly well. Also, this particular Portlandia sketch hit pretty close to home.


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Dear Internet,

I was thinking today that France is pretty lucky that they have a governing body to pay attention to the preservation of the integrity of their language. Now, I am not about to suggest that language should cease to be influenced by others, but I am most decidedly against wanton bastardization of English that is often the result of playing fast and loose with grammar and spelling. So, I present to you, a PSA on language, from your friend Megan.

1. “weary” is not the same as “wary”

2. “loose” is not the same as “lose”

3. There are two forms of the word that contains the letters y, o, u, and r. They, too, mean different things.

4. No matter how hard you wish, “alot” will never be a valid word. Not in Scrabble, and certainly not in life. Sorry.

5. If I have to read the phrase “sneak peak” one. more. time, I swear…I will go even crazier.

6. “Would of”? REALLY? Look, I understand phonetic spelling, and good on you for recognizing that letters make sounds, and by this logic can be used to for words, but let’s be aware of contractions.

7. Quotation marks are often misused, and it’s only hilarious about 12% of the time. Same goes with finger quotes.

I will grant that English is a ridiculous language, idiosyncratic and full of exceptions-to-the-rule, but let’s all agree that we need to learn the rules first and break them second, shall we?

The reason I am snickering distractingly

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…during GP’s self-inflicted “work on my class project” time.

I am stationed on the looooove seat, drinking white wine and laughing like a crazy lady at this and this. You’re welcome, internets.

Please to consider…

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I am knee-deep in the second round of games tonight, and have yet to wear down GP enough so that he will agree to play Scrabble with me. So, given that much of my brain is occupied with shooting stats and possession arrows, I ask you Facebook users out there (which I am assuming is just about everyone, right?): what do we think of the “people you might know” feature? Too weird, or totally brilliant?

(I am enjoying it because I once deactivated my account and had to create a whole new one because my .edu address forwarding hadn’t been activated yet, and so I had to start my friend list from scratch. I’m still working on the rebuilding– too many sorority chicks, seriously.)

Ok, off to pray that CBS will realize that I want to watch Michigan State/Memphis way more than I want to watch Kansas/Villanova.

ETA (after all the games are over): ugh, SO not worth it! This is the Sweet Sixteen, y’all! And I lost Scrabble, thanks to prefixes and suffixes. Boo.

Internets Saturday!

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Another thing I can do from my couch is scour the interwebs for things that will make me hyperventilate from hysterical laughter. Most recently via Dooce, I give you…How to Care for Baby! As GP is writing his thesis on safety signage at amusement parks, I’m thinking that he should probably find a way to include these. See? I’m quite helpful, really.

My apologies, friends…

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The internet in The Apartment is down, hence no Disneyland updates. But I promise there will be one, when the interweb decides to begin functioning…