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Don’t worry, I won’t be too much of a rain cloud. I’m beginning to get used to stupid daylight savings and hate life a little less, however…

1) we have new downstairs neighbors. They love to watch some television, which is always really loud. Oh, and of course they don’t seem to have jobs. Shut up, I’m a grad student. Don’t judge me! I have two jobs.

2) I managed to get a mild sunburn when we were in Tahoe last weekend. Not a regular, terrible, skin-peeling burn, though– just a weird stripe that my SPF-ed makeup didn’t cover along the top of my forehead. Trust me, it is a fetching look.

3) I was mildly misnamed on the invitations for our Giant East Coast Engagement Party. It wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t the same name that GP’s most recent ex has, or if GP’s mom didn’t have a habit of running every. single. thing. past us. How did this escape notice? Oh well…this is not a real problem. And really, if this is the worst wedding-related “disaster,” we will have gotten off easily.

4) I have given up cheese for Lent. Which is weird, because cheese is sort of my religion, much more so than Jesus is. Mostly, I’m using it as a test of will, and experimenting with how long I can go without a cornerstone of my diet. I almost accidentally ate pizza for dinner last night– but, luckily, caught myself and had a sub-par frozen thing of sweet and sour chicken. Cheeseless life is hard, yo!

Silver lining, though! Or, really, just unrelated things that are good in my life…yeah, I’m jumping on the “Grace in Small Things” train…

1) a just-made bed, with clean sheets
2) being done with my final Dialog assignment in Online Searching. Relief!
3) poached eggs on toast with Tabasco
4) Earl Grey with milk
5) Uggs, in chocolate, purchased on sale