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What I am Loving Today

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In no particular order, besides that in which they pop out of my head (which somehow sounds disgusting, but go with it, ok?):

1. I get to have Italian food tonight! It’ll be mediocre chain-restaurant Italian, but I am betting there will be bread! And wine!

2. Sephora sends me emails about things like this, that are pretty, even if they aren’t “technically” in the budget.

3. My lungs aren’t making that noise anymore! No more rattling, and the coughing has died down to normal levels (read: still present, mostly after meals. Anyone care to offer a diagnosis?).

4. The sun is back! Thank god the rain that began yesterday as I was leaving work has run its course.

5. Ethiopian food tomorrow for lunch!

6. It’s go-home-from-work time! Clearly, I am getting a ton done.


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