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Thank you for all your kind words after my big “reveal”– I am not often thrilled by others’ ultrasound images, so thanks for humoring me. 🙂 The nice part of waiting until nearly halftime to share pregnancy news is carrying around this little secret for so long, but now that we’re officially “out” (and how!), I’m beginning to see just how long the list of Important Plans to Be Made is. Of course, I’ve been surreptitiously adding my preliminary favorites to a hidden Amazon shopping list, which helped prepare us slightly for the gauntlet of Buy Buy Baby (whose name I find unbearably crass)– but only slightly. The danger of an enormous store filled to the brim with every conceivable piece of baby equipment is that you will inevitably walk out somewhat cross-eyed. We were able to leave having been able to lay eyes and hands on the stroller/carseat combo that I thought we’d like, and with a fuller understanding of just how widely tastes in furnishings can vary (surely someone is buying that cow-print carseat, but it certainly won’t be me).

I’m sure we’ll be back in another such store soon, but for now I’m cowering near the computer, which contains plenty of helpful information and reviews, plus an occasional gem such as this one (click to embiggen; I promise it’s worth it):



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  1. I have a friend who has the cow-print carseat, and for her, it’s actually perfect. But, yeah, it’s not for me.

    That review is hilarious, and also reminds me of one night when A. was REFUSING to sleep in his crib and, in desperation, Tim climbed in there with him thinking he just wanted a parent nearby. (Spoiler: It didn’t work, but at least the crib didn’t break.)

  2. Oh. Baby Dave. No.

  3. Ha, love that “review.” Really, only one way to find out ….

    I got super overwhelmed by all the stuff too. I didn’t actually buy anything/really get anything ready until a few weeks before my due date. And never ventured into a brick-and-mortar baby store because it sounds REALLY overwhelming.

    You’re in San Jose, right? Or somewhere in the Silicon Valley (am I remembering right?)? I’d love to get together sometime and do like a playdate or something if you’d be up for it! I’m not too far from SJ.

    • I have a feeling I’m going to end up just doing a main Amazon registry, with added stuff from Target or something. (Who can escape a baby shower without being made to open presents in front of an audience? Not me, apparently…according to my mother.) Ohh, the STUFF. Not excited at all.

      Yes, I’m in San Jose! Emailing you now…


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