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Friday Favorites, Vol. 1

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  • My brother and his girlfriend gave me this blanket for my birthday, and I would like to remain shrouded in it for the entirety of winter, thankyouverymuch.
  • Basically every episode of Parenthood makes me cry (crying is one of my hobbies, didn’t you know?), but whew, this week’s really did me in.
  • Our annual holiday cocktail party was last weekend. I made several standbys, including Ina Garten’s gougeres (at this point, there would be a revolt if I didn’t include them in a gathering), and a few new recipes that were well-received, including spiced-chocolate cupcakes (with eggnog buttercream!) and these chocolate-peppermint crinkles.
  • I feel irrationally affectionate toward GP’s seasonal beard (hello, my husband is adorable. Look at him!), and Whoorl’s Beard Porn Pinterest board is exactly my cup of tea.
  • In case there was any doubt about this, the best Christmas album is by the Barenaked Ladies. I love single holiday songs by other artists more, but no other entire album really does it for me like this one.
  • I’m chipping away at my 30 Before 30 (about time, now that I’m officially in my 30th year), so I’ll be posting updates about that. Get excited! (DO IT.)

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  1. BARENAKED FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! Definitely the best.

  2. Wait – eggnog buttercream?!?! OH SWEET HEAVEN THAT SOUNDS AMAZING.


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