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We have so, so many friends that are expecting babies soon, and I’ve surprised myself for being possibly more excited for them than I was when I thought I’d be joining the ranks of parents. A couple of our friends in New Jersey even managed to avoid having a Hurricane Sandy baby by delivering a healthy girl just before Nature moved into the area. I know I’ll be “back in the game” soon enough, but for now I’m happy to revel in the expanding families all around me.

The Giants managed to win a World Series in a mere four games, and this time I was in the country to see it happen! In fact, on that fateful Sunday night, I was at dinner with friends in the Mission, the epicenter for (rightfully) riot-gear-clad cops. Luckily I, my friends, and my car managed to escape the melee unscathed.

And speaking of friends! I don’t stop to think often enough how lucky I am to have decade-plus-long friendships with people that Get Me. Guys, hug your friends tight, even when it makes them totally uncomfortable.

Trips, so many upcoming trips: while we’re staying home for the holidays this year (and letting the in-laws come to us on Christmas Day), we’ll be heading to Disneyland just before Thanksgiving and then to some combination of Hong Kong and Thailand (cities TBD) in February.

Even though (obviously) I’d rather not be in this situation, I’m pleased to be back in the world of wine and cocktails– just in time for spiked-hot-beverage season! While I would of course prefer to be gradually expanding and sipping a virgin hot chocolate, the addition of Rumpelminz is not entirely unwelcome.


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  1. That’s wonderful that you’re able to join in your friends’ happiness.

    As much as I am a Cardinals fan, I was still happy to see the Giants win. I like them as long as they’re not beating my team. (And I went to school with Matt Cain! So yay for hometown boy!)

  2. Let’s drink.


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