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18 weeks – halfway there, almost

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18 weeks - profile

So, ok, I’m actually a little past the 18-week milestone, but I think I’m the only one (besides my doctor) who’s paying attention to such things. Get excited, because this is going to be the longest update I’m likely to write until there is actually a baby around here. (I’m told I will have plenty of time in the wee hours to be composing incoherent blog posts.) Here’s the rundown…

How far along: 18 weeks (and 3 days, if you’re interested). According to one of the four (yes, four) apps on my phone that are tracking things for me, that means I have 151 days left, which seems like both an eternity and an impossibly short amount of time. I’m always excited to reach each weekly “milestone,” but each successive one also makes me pause at the dwindling number of weeks left before there is an Actual Baby That Lives in Our House.

Sex: We’re set to find out on Friday! We’re finding out not because I am more excited to have a baby of one sex or the other (truly, I can find ways to be excited and horrified for both boys and girls), but because I feel like it’ll make planning a bit easier. When people say that they “want to be surprised,” I have to stop myself before remarking that I’m sure that’s not the only thing that will be surprising about giving birth and having a baby around.

Size of baby: BabyCenter says bell pepper, BabyBump says heirloom tomato (fancy!), and What to Expect (won’t read the book, but have the app) says mango. (WTE also said  in a recent email that I should picture “a mango covered in cheese” when trying to envision the baby all covered in vernix, which is the most disgusting thing I can imagine. The mango and cheese, that is, not the baby.)

Total weight gained: Um, none? I’ve been at the same weight (about 10 pounds overweight, says the BMI chart) since my first doctor visit at 4 weeks, and haven’t noticed any change in my scale at home, either. However, things have been sort of…redistributing? I am not a belly-weight-gainer, and you can see above that there is something there (I had to buy new jeans not because I couldn’t pull them over my thighs (generally the rule when I’m putting on weight), but because I was dying from fastening them with hair ties. At any rate, I am sort of insecure about the fact that I haven’t gained any weight, as well as the fact that I feel like the “bump” is…a little small? I know that I’ll eventually be enormous, but at the moment I’m feeling petite for the first time in at least a dozen years.

Maternity clothes: See the jeans comment above– I’ve bought two new pairs (one from Old Navy, and the Shade pair in the picture above that feel like the most comfortable sweatpants one could possibly own). I’ve also bought a couple looser-fitting or maternity-specific tops, but I still feel like I’m swimming in them a bit (see above insecurity re: weight gain and bump size).

Movement: Yes! Or at least I think so? The rolling movements I was told by my doctor were gas (fun! glamorous!) have been replaced by small taps, which I will choose to believe are teeny kicks. I can’t wait for GP to be able to feel them, especially since the most he’s gotten to “experience” of my pregnancy so far has been listening to me barf  (and talk about barfing) and seeing/hearing the heartbeat at a couple ultrasounds.

Sleep: With the exception of interruptions for early morning bathroom breaks (annoyingly close to my usual wake-up time) and insane dog barking (ask me soon about how very badly we need to rehome our hot mess of a dog), sleep is actually pretty great. My mom bought me an embarrassingly-named pillow, which is likely unnecessary at this point, but wonderful for burrowing into. Oh, and bedtimes have been…unambitious? I’m pretty pleased with myself if I am not in bed before 9.

What I miss: Surprisingly (because I am apparently a lush?), not alcohol (though, truthfully, I have had a few sips of beer and wine when something spectacular has been poured). However, I would kick a pony in the face for a turkey sandwich, prosciutto, or smoked salmon. While I was in Houston for work a couple weeks ago, someone nearby was eating a bagel piled with lox and I basically wept. (Nearly) true story.

Cravings: Cold stuff! It doesn’t get that hot here, even in the summer (80s? Psh), but I have been eating frozen yogurt and ice cream like it’s my job. There are other cravings that I wouldn’t specifically label as “pregnancy” cravings, like Mexican food, because I generally want Mexican food alllll the time.

Aversions: The worst has been when, in a fit of “protein at breakfast is a good idea if I don’t want to barf today!” enthusiasm, I hard boiled a couple eggs and couldn’t even peel them. Instead, I just looked at them and heated up a couple frozen waffles. Sorry, protein. Oh, and had anyone noticed how awful dog food smells? (Not that I’m eating it…but the dog does, and I have to breathe into a paper bag for 10 minutes after I do so.)

Symptoms: Here is where I talk about barfing! I haven’t had terribly many other classic pregnancy symptoms (although my breasts hurt, but that’s all I care to say about that), but the nausea has been working like a champ to compensate for all the others. It started around 6 weeks, and though I was hoping for a bit of a taper coming into the second trimester, it definitely still crops up, especially if I haven’t eaten for two hours or so (champion grazer over here, dudes). I have been reading horror stories of women who have nausea/vomiting throughout their entire pregnancies, but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get a break at some point).

Best moment this week: A tie between teensy feelings of movement and scheduling the anatomy scan (this Friday! Provided that everyone, ahem, cooperates).


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  1. Wait, turkey is on the list too?? I swear, every time someone I know gets pregnant I learn of something else on the banned pregnancy foods list.

    I’m totally with you on wanting to know the sex (if I were pregnant). How do you plan for a child not knowing what the sex is?? There is plenty that you can’t plan for , and that’s enough for me. That said, I had a friend who went through half her pregnancy thinking she was having a girl and during an ultrasound two weeks before the birth the OB was like, ‘Um, huh. So I just noticed something that we missed …” and lo and behold, the child was a boy. I guess that goes to show sometimes you can’t even plan when you do know the sex.

    Anyway, glad things are progressing along nicely 🙂

    • It’s not turkey specifically, but all deli meats– the fear is listeria, apparently, which is rare but serious enough to be a Big Deal if it happens. Heated meats are just fine, but are, you know…less convenient. (I was desperate for a sandwich about a month and a half ago and had a pretty poor meatball sub experience.)

      We have friends that aren’t finding out, and I’ve talked to a couple people that didn’t find out (and could have); it seems that part of the motivation is having something to really get you through the worst parts of labor (the anticipation!), which makes sense to me, and I suppose if you’re into yellow and green, it could work. We’re planning to buy mostly gender-neutral equipment, anyway, as we’d like to be able to reuse stuff like a high chair and stroller for any subsequent children, but I think I’m going to need the whole second half of my pregnancy to get ready for all the crazy gender norm-y stuff that’s going to happen to our kid, regardless of sex. (Will it be a torrent of pink sparkles or way too many footballs and dump trucks?)

  2. You look wonderful! I gained a bunch of weight during my pregnancy, but my bump was pretty much exactly the same as yours is when I was at the 18-20 week mark. So don’t worry — obviously the lack of weight gain isn’t impeding that sweet baby’s growth. 🙂

    I felt the same way about turkey when I was pregnant, and I generally don’t even LIKE cold sandwiches. But as soon as I couldn’t have them? They were the only thing I wanted. Stupid listeria.


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