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Thanks for all the congratulations on the “Yay, baby!” post– we’re not sharing on Facebook at this point (I’m sure we will eventually, Facebook is just…too annoying to deal with), so it’s fun to be able to share details online. I was on the fence about chronicling our “ttc” (Google it) journey, and (clearly) ultimately decided against it; the fewer people thinking about whether I’m ovulating, the better. I will say that, from the beginning of the process, I was not about to half-ass anything. Mostly because I believe that those who say they’re “not trying, not preventing” don’t really know how biology works (if you’re not preventing and you’re having sex, sorry, you’re trying), and also because I am a complete control freak, I was a temperature-charting, OPK-taking fool from the very beginning. Luckily for my sanity, the whole process only took a few months– I feel incredibly lucky that that was the case, given my knowledge of how much hope and heartbreak some experience as they try to make one of those little people.

I’m probably going to start near-weekly pregnancy updates (complete with bump pictures, since I’m nearly convinced that I’m out of the “too many burritos?” phase), with zero apologies about taking a “mommy blog” turn. The best thing about the internet is tuning out what you don’t want to read/hear/whatever, and (obviously) I’ve always shared what’s going on in my life, so…this is what’s going on. We’re growing a baby around here. It is fun, and scary, and oh lordy are you going to get sick of me talking about it. See? We’re having fun already.

And now, here is a crazy thing: when I told my supervisor at work that I was pregnant, I was vaguely surprised to hear a, “me, too!” (We’re close in age and all, but hadn’t really discussed our uteruses before.) Our due dates are less than a week apart, so that makes it even crazier. And then, today, I learned that another coworker is 13 weeks pregnant. Does this officially mean there’s something in the water? (Don’t even get me started on all the blog-ladies who are expecting little ones…)


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  1. Okay that is just too funny about your boss! Who will do all the work once the children are born??

    And this: “if you’re not preventing and you’re having sex, sorry, you’re trying” Yes times 1,000,000,000. I’m always amazed to learn that not everyone seems to agree with this though. You cannot “accidentally” get pregnant if you have sex even ONE TIME without protection. Sorry, that is not the definition of accidental!

    • I thought she was joking when she first told me– then I was immediately like, “Whoa, so there is going to be NO ONE here next spring?” Also, YES, let’s spread the word on this whole “sex leads to pregnancy” deal. Too many people seem to be out of the loop. (Witness my stepsister, who got pregnant while she was breastfeeding. FACEPALM.)

  2. So many babies. YAY! I’m glad this procedure took you less time. I wouldn’t wish evil TTC/infertility on ANYONE.

  3. I’m glad you’ll be blogging about it! Even though I’m fairly certain I don’t want any kiddos of my own, I like reading about others’ journeys, especially as it helps me learn more about what I would be missing out on if I don’t end up having kids.

    I can think of at least three other bloggers I know who are pregnant, so maybe there’s also something in the intertubes!

  4. I missed the first “I’m pregnant” post so YAYYY!!! Congrats!! 🙂

  5. Congratulations! I love hearing about other people’s pregnancies AND seeing pictures!

  6. I swear people always manage to get pregnant in groups which does lead me to believe there is definitely something in the water. It seems like suddenly everyone the internet and in my real life is having babies. It’s so neat the way it always works out that way.


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