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Shop It to Me…Friday: Pattern Week

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It’s been Pattern Week around Mission: Put Together (with a bonus pattern-mixing challenge this weekend, so get psyched), so of course I scoured the Shop It to Me deals email for pieces that would add a much-needed whisper (or shout, in some cases) of pattern to one’s wardrobe.

JBird flat, Nine West ($59 at

Fanfare tunic, J. Crew ($78 at…and, sadly, sold out)

BR Monogram “Kristina” silk maxi ($169.99 at Banana Republic)

Leopard hair scarf, Sonia Rykiel ($66.50 at

As an avowed lover of all things solid-colored, patterns mostly happen for me in the form of stripes (hello, five striped shirts) or patterned accessories that go with just about everything (like the leopard-print wedges I’m wearing today). I’m coming around to viewing certain patterns as neutrals (including my two favorites), which could be dangerous, but could be another step in making me more wardrobe-fearless. How do you feel about patterns, folks? Are you all-solids, all the time, or do you pattern-mix with abandon? Would you wear that hair scarf, or would it be too 50’s for you? (I confess, I’m torn.)


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