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…and it’s of the PT variety! I’ve been busy unearthing long-forgotten items from the depths of my dresser and closet (which, truthfully, are not that deep. Thanks, IKEA and hundred-year-old houses!), and it’s just in time for the return of Mission: Put Together.

If you’ve been around for awhile, you know that May brings with it (along with an excuse for margaritas and new, crisp white jeans) an opportunity to get together with your favorite (and not-yet-favorite) internet pals to show off your put-together-ness. The brain-child of RA (I’m just a cheerleader, y’all!), Mission: Put Together offers a chance to get together and share ensembles that are intentional, cohesive, and interesting, but not necessarily trendy or expensive. It’s not just for fashion bloggers, or really just bloggers, period. You don’t have to have a closet full of donated designer shoes or a fancy camera; all you need are a camera and an internet connection.

Here’s the rundown:

1. Join the Flickr group (grab a free account if you don’t already have one)
2. Grab a button, if you like
3. Upload your PT photos
4. Comment on everyone’s submissions
5. Get inspired
6. Have fun!

Like last year, RA and I came up with some optional challenges, based on the principles of 2 of our patron saints, Stacy and Clinton, of What Not to Wear. As always, going along with the challenges or even week-themes is optional– but you’ll get a couple extra entries in our giveaway if you do! We want M:PT to be laid-back but still offering those gold stars to grab for the overachievers among us (gold stars, by the way, are the perfect metallic accessory). If you have to choose between adhering to the challenge and posting for the day, just put together an outfit you like and post!

M:PT 2012 Challenges

For more details about M:PT, check out last year’s kickoff post and the Flickr pool. Remember, you can also tweet about M:PT using the hashtag #MPT (and follow me and RA, if you’re not already)!

Happy ensemble-ing!


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  1. Seeing as I’m still transitioning from the work-at-home M.O. to working around humans in an actual office, I’m totally going to do M:PT this year. Hooray!

  2. Woo hoooooo! I am ridiculously psyched!


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