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Recently, things ’round these parts have been…

…sleepy. Mostly because of this guy, who still hasn’t quite figured out that, in this family, we sleep all night. (And remember to go to the bathroom outside, but one thing at a time, right?)

His full name is Samuel Reginald Sarkisian, but usually he is "puppy." Either that or "leave the cat alone!"

social. We’re attempting to get Sir Puppington used to being around people that aren’t us (he does enough growling/barking at GP as it is, so we need some socialization STAT), plus there have been various out-of-towners to  entertain for the last couple weeks. Remember downtime? Me neither.

cultured. Both low and, well…medium? In the last month, I’ve been to a concert, a handful of hockey games (including the playoffs, holla! But don’t get too excited, because this series is a nailbiter for Los Tiburones), and a musical.

Look, it's not like it was the opera or anything. There were numerous fart jokes. Still, THE THEAT-AAAHH! (Which is how I pronounced it all night long. Sorry, GP.)

pretty. I finally caved (to…myself? Is that a thing?) and signed up for Birchbox, which has brought me a new scent to try (probably not a keeper, but pleasant enough to use up the sample), eyeshadows to practice my rarely-used “smoky” skills, and a couple natural face-related products. Oh, and this hair oil! That I am already obsessed with, even though there’s no way I can justify a full-priced bottle (yes, even with free shipping).

industrious. You know how sometimes all the projects you’re a part of at work are super-busy at once? Yeah, that. Spreadsheets, mail merges, and paper-cuts for days.


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  1. Ahhhh! So cute!!! Puppies can be a pain, though, so I feel your pain.

    Spamalot is culture! I mean, they work in topical references!

    • I mean, it’s hard to be annoyed by him when he’s so adorable. (Somehow the cat is impervious to his cuteness, and still looks at us like, “You know there’s a DOG in our house, right?”) And it’s true about Spamalot– there is a lot of inside-theater stuff going on (hey-o, musical awareness) and a couple little political jabs (it was a show in San Francisco, there is a gay wedding in the show…you do the math).

  2. Oh my gosh that is a cute ass dog. I’m jealous.

  3. That dog!! So cute!!


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