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Christmas in review

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We’re not even done celebrating Christmas yet– have to go to my Mom and stepdad’s tonight, and celebrate with my Dad tomorrow night– but it would be nice to get through all the Christmas-ing before 2012 rolls around, right?

As is our biannual tradition (which the Cambridge online dictionary says is the right way to communicate “every other year,” but I’m still skeptical), we headed to New York to spend the holiday with the in-laws. The day after our cross-country flight, we continued the traditional boys-go-skiing, ladies-go-to-the-spa outings (I think the MIL and I got the better end of that), then packed up the Saab and headed to Rockland for Christmas Eve with my sister-in-law, her husband, their adorable baby, and about twenty other extended family members from both sides. We brought painstakingly-decorated cookies (see the below likenesses of my FIL and GP; please also note that these two men are basically identical) and a whopping eight bottles of wine in our (free!) checked baggage.

We returned home last night with a bottle of champagne, various books about Disney World (where we’re headed in just over a week), some awesome aquamarine earrings (see the below no-makeup-Christmas-morning shot), and assorted other gifts.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to demolish and a cat to molest pet an appropriate amount.


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