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2011 resolution check-in, day 347 of 365

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Oh, lordy, the lists! I know. And I’ve been doing exciting things, too, things that I want to tell you about! But first…the penultimate entry in my 2011 resolution series. Tracking all these things that I’d said I’d do at the beginning of the year has helped me to feel like I’m progressing toward something. Even if that something is just the last day on a calendar, or a check mark next to a number, it helps when I get that feeling that nothing is getting accomplished around here. (I like to balance my more manic bouts with supreme hopelessness. It’s super fun.) So, here’s where we are:

Take more and better pictures
I took eleventy katrillion pictures in Japan, and will be (of course) documenting the trip out to New York for Christmas. We’ll look at Flickr for final judgement, but I think I’ve been doing fairly well at this.

Get a grownup, non-intern job
I still have it, they still like me, it only makes me crazy about 15% of the time. We should all be so lucky, right?

Read 40 books
36 of 40 so far, and multiple in progress. Maybe next year I’ll get all crazy and go for 50?

Meet a blogger in real life
So, all right, here’s the deal: either I don’t live in an area rich with bloggers, or I’m unfortunately friends with lovely bloggers who happen to live rather far away from me. Maybe both? I did head to a ‘pinup in October, which was a cool exercise in Meeting Strangers From the Internet, and ended with a few new friends and some (real!) bottled Coke in a Mission taqueria. Close, enough, I say!

Try 30 new recipes
31. Awww yeah. AND! We had a cocktail party last weekend, and…you know how I am good at Making Way Too Much Food? Yes, that. Also, n.b. about parties, particularly around the holidays: when you tell people it’s ok to bring things, they will invariably bring sweets. (Or wine, which we also have a ton of.) So, when you’re planning your party, it’s ok to lean toward the savory end of the spectrum. Either that, or just get excited for the dozens and dozens of cookies that will be left in your house, and which do not interest your husband in the least.

Regularly practice some form of exercise
You guys. My gym closed. While this, of course, sucks…it’s pushing me to be more creative about how I’m getting myself moving. This usually means walking like a maniac, but I do miss the structure of the gym. Maybe I’ll join the Y with all the other resolutioneers in January?

Dinner at the living room (like people) at least twice a week
GP is pretty great at keeping me on track with this one– it’s nice to feel a little more like grownups when we have a proper dinner setup, I think.


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  1. I don’t know if your trip to New York means New York City or elsewhere in the state, and I also don’t know that you’ll have any free time seeing as it’s the holidays, BUT if you’ll be in the city and want to meet up at all, I’m happy to help you cross “meet a blogger” off your list for real. Even if just for a quick cup of coffee. =)

    • Ahh, I wish it did! We’re going to be on the Thruway every single day, going from GP’s “ancestral home” in the Hudson Valley to my sister-in-law’s in Rockland County, then to New Jersey and just-outside-Albany for extended family gatherings. (Why did these Armenians and Italians have so many kids?!) However! Given that we’re NYC-adjacent at least twice a year, I have high hopes that this will happen…someday. Don’t give up on me!


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