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Japan part 2: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

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While it’s probably a little silly of me to try and do justice to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort in a reasonably-sized post (witness GP’s trip report, which clocks in at about twenty-five thousand words– but you should read it, really!), it was such a fun part of our trip that I basically have to include it. As far as we and Disney parks go, you know the drill: we love them. Not in an over-the-top, creepy pin trader sort of way, but rather in an “isn’t it pretty amazing that these have been so wonderfully imagined and executed?” way. Given that we were taking a trip to Tokyo, and there is a Disney park in Tokyo…we pretty much had to go.

In some ways, the parks are similar to the ones we know in Anaheim and Orlando. There’s a castle…


A Space Mountain (with the same layout as the pre-2005-refurbishment Disneyland one, even)…


A Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (though it is pretty hilarious to see hordes of Japanese people in “Westernland”)…


An electrical parade (though not on Main Street)…


And even a monorail for traveling among the parks and hotels, complete with the ubiquitous ears.


But, in just as many ways, there are wonderfully unique features at play in Tokyo. While Tokyo Disneyland is about on par with the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom for me (and neither is quite as magical as the O.G. Disneyland), DisneySea was…well, absurdly fantastic. It starts with a volcano that is the centerpiece of the park…


Oh, sorry. Did I not mention that this volcano spews fire? And is a big feature of their much-superior presentation of Fantasmic? Silly me.


DisneySea, as you might assume, takes advantage of its location in Tokyo Bay to use water as the through-line of all of its “lands”– from the Lost River Delta to the Arabian Seas and American Waterfront.




I could go on and on, but someone already has. If you really want to know about the wonder of our Tokyo Disney visit (certainly not the highlight, but definitely up there), the trip report is there for the taking. I, on the other hand, will be moving on to the Mt. Fuji-Five Lakes portion of the trip. (Think fewer people, more nature, and, oddly, just as many rides. You’ll see when we get there.)


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  1. The volcano looks amazing! I’m an absolute sucker for amusement parks – they’re just so silly and amazing and since I never got to go as a kid, I’m opting to make up for it in adulthood.


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