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Caturday: Maybe we should switch dryer sheet brands?

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Because, dude. We can’t keep him out of the clean clothes.

He has considerately curled up atop GP's drawers this morning.


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  1. That sideways glance he’s giving you is great. Our cats love laundry too, especially when it’s still in the basket.

    • Ah yes, the “you make my life completely unbearable” glare. It’s impossible to keep him out of the basket, of course, but apparently part of the allure is also the freshly folded and clean clothing. It’s a good thing he’s adorable…

  2. He is SO giving you the stink eye.

  3. This is belated, but oh my gosh, Ness does the same thing to our laundry. Except that instead of being reasonably sized (à la your adorable cat), she is the size of a small pony, thus covering all of our clean clothes in blonde dog hair. Sigh.

    • Haha…I already feel bad for our future dog (someday, who knows). I’m pretty sure he or she will not be allowed on the couch, and I am *positive* that Sydney will lord it over him or her.


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