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You need to eat this.

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As a native Californian, I am basically required to love avocados…and I do. I saw this as a suggestion (let’s not call it a recipe, ok?) on The Kitchn, and was all over it. Best breakfast that’s achievable in roughly three minutes, hands down.

Toast with a quarter of an avocado mashed/spread on top, a little sprinkle of salt and crushed red pepper. Get on it!


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  1. Gretchen Alice

    It is a life goal of mine to live in a place where I can have my very own avocado tree.

    • I am continually bummed that, despite the embarrassment of fruit trees in our yard, there is no avocado tree. Maybe I should save a pit and put it in a glass of water, just in case I…want an avocado in like twenty years?

      • Gretchen Alice

        Twenty years from now you’ll be saying to yourself, “Man, I wish I planted that avocado tree!” I say go for it.

  2. I once lived in a house with an avocado tree in the back yard. Totally awesome. Avocados are my fave. I was born in California. Maybe that’s why.

  3. i LOVE avocados too. CA is the land of awesome produce for sure:)

  4. Put some lime juice and a bit of cilantro and you will die from the awesomeness of that breakfast. I think I need to convince my bf to move back to the States with me!


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