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M:PT Week 1 review – Color!

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I hope everyone participating in Mission: Put Together had as much fun last week as I did! (And seriously, if you’re not participating yet, get in there! It’s fun and seriously not at all pressure-y.) Here’s a short review of what we did during our Week 1 Color Challenge:

  • The group began with 88 members (Many of whom, I suspect, have forgotten a bit about the project since we last did it in 2008. Come back! We miss you!) and grew by four over the course of the week.
  • We posted to 47 photos to our group pool on Flickr.
  • We exchanged a metric crap-ton (technical term) of compliments and comments about our ensembles.

A big thanks to Jen, Beth, Merrick, RA, Stephanie, NPW, Abby, Janet, Julie, and Kayla for making Color Week so lovely. I hope to see many more this week…with patterns! (Just don’t be mad if all mine are stripes, ok? Stripes and I have a little thing goin’ on.)


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  1. Horray for color week – I didn’t spice it up a crazy amount, but I definitely added splashed of color where I otherwise normally wouldn’t. And it made me realize how blah some of my “go-to” outfits really are. I’m excited about pattern week – I keep delving into the closet and discovering “new” stuff that’s been there for years!

    • So right! I went into my closet last night and pulled out every single patterned item I own– there were a few things in there that I haven’t worn in nearly a year, so hopefully they’ll make an appearance this week. 🙂

  2. How else would I have figured out to wear my turquoise necklace with my purple skirt? Thanks, Color Week!!

  3. I went a little too crazy at Anthropologie while I was in Nashville on Monday, with the unintended result being I have a few key pieces to look way more put together than before. I’m off to look at the flickr pool now for some ideas!


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