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Thursday thrills

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…are cheap, just the way I like ’em.

This week, I’m loving:

  • my new Bobble water bottle, which looks like it’s from the future
  • the fried oyster po’ boy that I devoured on Tuesday (the best part of work taking me to Oakland every now and then)
  • chocolate chip cookies made with browned butter
  • the original UK Skins, thanks to Amazon Prime Instant
  • my Cee-Lo Pandora station, the best option for midweek baking
  • new shoes greeting me upon my return from work (I was pleased to find they are more nude than gray, just like the picture)
  • a solid Sharks win on a Wednesday evening (well done, boys!)
  • Kate Spade’s Japan-relief supporting-totes (which, someday, we will be able to order for realsies)
  • the very idea that spring and its accompanying flora are on their way

Other than these spring showers we can’t seem to shake, that’s what’s floating my boat this week. How’s about you, friends?


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    1. Those are some cute shoes! I like the stacked sole.

      I am loving…work days that are quiet, getting a free coffee coupon at Starbucks because I had to wait a little bit longer this morning, buying summer clothes for my kids, knowing that spring had betta be right around the corner otherwise I’m going to punch it in the neck.

      (Sorry for the anger. It snowed here last night.)

      • Ok, snow? Has officially overstayed its welcome, right? It’s pouring rain here, and windy as all get-out…and the “nice” weather that we’re supposed to be visiting in NY this weekend…is looking like a high of 42. FORTY-TWO. DEGREES. That is not enough degrees.


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