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Really, this is just a place-holder for the post I’m mentally composing about how I love college basketball so very much. Seriously. But that’s for another day!

Today, let’s talk about how much I enjoy hockey. Now, I didn’t grow up a hockey fan– living in a non-freezing winter climate zone and being a “stay inside and read” sort of kid ensured that– but I’ve come to enjoy it more and more in the last five or so years. We have a local hockey team, of course, so that helps; being able to go to games regularly makes it easier for me to nurse my crushes on various players (don’t judge me) and learn more about the game. This year, we have a quarter-season pass, which includes tickets for ten games, and have probably bought tickets for an additional five or so games…and full-season tickets are planned for next season. We’re pretty lucky to live about five minutes’ drive from the HP Pavilion, which makes impromptu hockey nights out possible– we went to a game with my parents last weekend for free, yo!

Oh, and one of the best things about going to hockey games, especially considering that there is a small bounty of awesome local shops nearby?

My mom refers to this as my "H-E-double-hockey-sticks" shirt. It is the highlight of my game-night wardrobe.

Are you a hockey fan? Do you have a local sports team that you get to see often?


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  1. Hockey is pretty much the only sport I will willingly watch. And then it has to be live, not on TV. I’m a sports snob.

    Thanks for the nice note on my blog! The grocery store I found the Justin’s in only has two kinds — maple almond and regular? I will have to search for hazlenut. Since I am a hazlenut-a-holic.


    • It’s funny how there are such differences with live versus televised sports! I think just about the only sport that I prefer to watch on tv is probably football, and really only NFL football, at that. Something about being physically present at a game makes such a huge difference to me.

      Good luck finding the chocolate-hazelnut Justin’s– I know Amazon has it, if you can’t find it in the market!

  2. That shirt made me laugh.

  3. I grew up in PA, where apparently hockey is big… I didn’t know this until I moved to my current town, halfway between the Penguins, the Flyers and the Capitals. People around here love their hockey. The university I work for just had an alum give a whole pile of money to establish a NCAA team here. Which probably means I should get into hockey more.

    But you want to talk NCAA basketball or football and I am all over it. March Madness and football season make our house like a revolving door of people coming over for some sort of game. But I never once watched a football game until I went to the University of Tennessee. My first experience was at 18 and at a game with over 100,000 people wearing this bright highlighter orange color and singing obnoxious songs. Now I am one of those people.

    • I know what you mean about the NCAA sports enthusiasm– I remember being all scornful when my mom suggested that I go to a school with Division I sports (What sort of girl did she think I was? I was an English major! ), but sure enough, I was all about the sports by the end of my first quarter of Bruins football (we were/are sort of a tragically bad team, especially given that our rival is USC).


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