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Resolution check-in, day 67 of 365

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I know, I know…I posted on my “progress” about two months ago and disappeared. But I’ve been busy, I swear! Here’s where I am with the Official Goals for 2011.

Take more and better pictures
Still working on this. While I did take the Big Camera on a recent trip up to Tahoe (pictures will be on Flickr soon, really!), most of the shots were not mine. As I am a “stay inside and read” person, I lent the camera to an active friend and was rewarded with some pretty great images of snowy mountains and GP risking his life on them. Good times! Maybe when the weather improves (I know, it’s California, I should shut up) I’ll be more motivated to get out and photograph well and plentifully.

Get a grownup, non-intern job
Done! Well, this has been done for a while. But I like the idea of being able to report success on at least one of these goals every so often. It’s like putting something on a to-do list that you’ve just completed: sometimes you need a win to get the other things moving.

Read 40 books
I’m a quarter of the way there! See what I’ve read so far and suggest more here.

Meet a blogger in real life
Nope. Not yet. Anyone in the Bay Area? I’m totally fun, I promise. And only crazy in the ways that should be apparent through my writing.

Try 30 new recipes
I’ve slacked a little, but not much– check out my progress, and let me know what’s been gracing your oven, stove, and dinner table recently!

Regularly practice some form of exercise
So, I joined the gym near work. It’s ridiculously convenient, to the point where I have to drive past it to get to the highway that takes me home. On days where we have nothing else planned in the evening (Sharks game, heading out of town, or something else in our terribly pressing lives), I can be found spending 50 minutes on the elliptical (easy on the knees, yo) and busting out some sweet sets on a few weight machines. This, I would say, absolutely counts as “some form of exercise.” I’m thrilled to be at the point where I actually feel better after I’ve worked out, and not just because I’ve checked something off the to-do list. There’s that, but let’s not discount the whole “being a healthy person who wants to live a long life” thing, ok?

Dinner at the dining room table (like people) twice a week
Sometimes this slides because of my gym-going– eating like a person isn’t always the most attractive option when I’ve come home, jumped into the shower, and am compiling whatever salad or amalgamation of leftovers comprises our evening meal. However! I’m getting better at doing little shortcut-y things in the morning and right after the gym that get the meal on the (dining room, not coffee) table at a reasonable time. Who wants to eat dinner at 9 p.m. on a weeknight? I’m too old for that, friends.

Oh, and given that today’s Fat Tuesday and I’m (clearly) always up for a personal challenge, let’s talk Lenten sacrifices. While I am in no way a practicing…anything, I like the idea of having the bond of a challenge with other people (sorry, zombie Jesus). Rather than giving something up this year (previous years have seen me give up cheese– torture– and meat– not so bad, but I filled that void with cheese), I’ve decided to take something on: for the next forty days or so, I’ll be trying to get as close to the recommended eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Don’t act like you’re surprised that it’s food-related (again)! I’m “piloting” my faux-sacrifice today, and let me tell you, it is hard to fit all those servings in, even when you like fruits and vegetables.


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  1. Ridiculously premature statement: I am currently interviewing for a job in the Bay Area (you know, the little company there that rhymes with…bugle) and on the .001% chance that I get the job, and THEN on the chance that if I get the job I actually decide to uproot my life and move west…then we should hang out! Because I literally do not know anyone else in the area. Anyway as I said, ridiculously premature. But putting that out there.

    • ZOMG. That is the only…um, word…I can muster. How exciting! Manifest destiny is awesome, as is the Bay. Even if you only come out to interview, I’m happy to give you the tour. I won’t even make you go to godforsaken Fisherman’s Wharf. 🙂


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