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“When you go out for pizza, where do you go?”

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…my mom asked this once, and I just looked blankly at her. “Go…out? For pizza?” I could not compute this. Pizza crust is so easy! And so much restaurant pizza is pretty terrible! Pizza has become a bit like most pasta dishes– given enough options, I’d rather not order and pay for something in a restaurant that I can make (more deliciously) for pennies at home. We usually use the Joy of Cooking recipe, which yields enough dough for four individual pizzas, so we have enough to entertain guests or to set aside in the fridge for an evening on which the “What’s for dinner?” question is just too hard to answer. And sometimes…well, sometimes, you’re just in the mood to have pizza. With a reasonable salad, a glass of wine, a fire in the fireplace, and a DVR-ed movie (in this case, Raising Arizona), it’s a fairly great Saturday night.

A classic, but with turkey pepperoni and a hidden layer of red pepper flakes

Oh, and for the record, we did have delivery pizza at a Super Bowl party a few weeks ago. It was Dominos, and it was just awful. I thought they were doing this whole image- and recipe-makeover thing! Bad job, Dominos.


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  1. what sauce recipe do you use? and you frequently have shredded cheese on hand? dominoe’s is foul — i think currently the most acceptable delivered pizza is from round table, but even then, it is just alright. given your yummy food standards, i think you’d enjoy pizza delfina in the city for sure!

    • I must shamefully admit that I usually use just about whatever pasta sauce I have on hand (I think it’s Prego traditional marinara, at the moment); I do have a plain marinara-type sauce that I use when I make eggplant parm, with just crushed tomatoes, onion, and garlic, that would probably work well on a pizza as well. I’ll have to add Pizza Delfina to the ever-expanding List of Places I Must Eat!


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