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In defense of Valentine’s Day

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It has already begun. The red- and pink-packaged candy in the aisles of CVS, the “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me” cards taking up more space than usual at Hallmark, the prix fixe menus featuring the second-cheapest bottle of champagne. Yep, Valentine’s Day is a mere three days away. And, while I can understand some of the venom aimed at what is most certainly the most Hallmark of Hallmark holidays, I have to protest all these protestations.

“But shouldn’t we show our love all year?” terrible and not-quite-as-terrible boyfriends of the past have asked me. My response was always (and has continued to be, now that I am a married lady), that, sure, it would be wonderful to arrive home every day to a nice little flower arrangement, a thoughtful gift, and some extra quality time…that is not what happens. To anyone. It’s not that I feel unloved during the other 364 days of the year– far from it! But why deny a day that’s dedicated especially to lovin’? For the record, this year we’ll be in Disneyland on Valentine’s Day, and having dinner at the Napa Rose. A fun day together, and an awesome dinner– I will be a happy girl.

P.S. Re: “Singles Awareness Day” vs. the most…um…vomitrocious (yeah, let’s make that a word) couples. I know that I’m going to see both ends of the spectrum in my Facebook News Feed, so know this, friends: I’ve learned that the easiest way not to be homicidal about Facebook is to block the shit out of my most annoying friends. When I don’t have to read it, it’s like it’s not even there. Ahhh. Calm sigh. All better now.

P.P.S. Here’s a weird, only slightly Valentine-y video that made me laugh hysterically. (Seriously, watch it. It’s totally weird.) You’re welcome.


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  1. I think the whole reason to deny a day that’s all about lovin is the fact that not everyone has lovin in their lives and that’s why people get so upset. For the record I am single and not at all unhappy but I totally get the people who hate V-Day. Or at least we should get other holidays where people get to show to the world that they have some arbitrary leg up on everyone else.

    • I think that’s fair enough, but I guess I don’t see having a significant other as a “leg up” on anyone. I can definitely be competitive about some pretty arbitrary shit (this is what happens when you’re not good at sports, it seems), but I don’t see relationships as being an area in which anyone would ever feel the need to compete. There’s no advantage to being or not being in a relationship (just ask anyone who is in a miserable relationship, or anyone who is perfectly content with their single status)– my complicated feelings (and sure, they’re complicated, but I don’t have the time or energy to fully Oxford-style debate this) about Valentine’s Day are absolutely founded in the commerce and marketing aspect of it, and the idea that there is Any Single Way to show someone you care about them, or that if you don’t celebrate in a pre-approved way, you’re doing it wrong.

      This is, I guess, one of those things where I fall on the more optimistic end of the spectrum– and I’m usually at least a *little* more of a cynic. Certainly that merits a celebration of some sort. Puppies and cupcakes for all!


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