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Resolution check-in, day 4 of 365

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It will likely not shock you that I haven’t met a blogger yet (though a grand total of two offers have been made! That probably reads as sarcasm, but I promise it’s not), and should probably come as no surprise that I have yet to have any degree of exercise (I walked to lunch today, so that must count for something). However! I bring exciting news…

Both on the recipe front and the eating-at-the-table-like-people front. Behold!

Jamie Oliver’s English Onion Soup with Sage and Cheddar, a leftover from when the in-laws were visiting over Christmas (so, fine, I won’t count it toward the “30 recipes” goal), along with ye olde Kindle (I finished rereading Anne of Green Gables a couple days ago!) and a New Belgium 2 Below ale (like Fat Tire, too hoppy for GP– but that means there’s more for me!).

Real Simple’s pork scaloppine (word to the pork-haters out there, this can totally be done just as deliciously with chicken or veal) with egg noodles and roasted zucchini. (I think the wine was a BV pinot grigio– nothing remarkable, but it is what I used in the sauce.)

Real Simple’s pork fajitas with black beans and rice. Look, sometimes salsa has to count as a vegetable. And yay for New Belgium beer!

I’m starting to think that 30 recipes is too easy a goal for an entire year, but then again it’s only been a week. Let’s see where I am at the end of the month…


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  1. Megan, we should totally hang out some time. You know, if we’re ever in the same city.
    Also, you are definitely allowed to cook for me when we do hang out.


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